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Sebastien Garcini

Developer / Designer

I am 36 years old, was born in France near Paris.
I am a web Developer since 2008 and i really enjoy it.
Boondate Project started around 6 years ago, after near 6 months of work, i had to stop simply because i couldn't afford the time investment.
The project stayed froozen until 2015, then i decided to start the project again from cratch so i wrote the all code from zero.
I built this site because i wanted to contribute at helping people find someone in they life.
I figured that the best way to build my career, should be to do it while bringing something positive in this world and help people at the same time.
This type of website is a huge investment in time, i am continually working to improve it, but I remain a one person, but i don't give up ;)
I am a gamer as well, i play many games, like Elite Dangerous, Starcraft2, battlefield, Guildwars2 ... i even recently bought the Occulus Rift :)
I am i big fan of Dragon Ball as well since i'm a child, even so i stopped to watch because i grew up.
I recently opened two online shops, a Dragon Ball store and a Fidget Spinners store
In case you are interested, you are welcomed to check:

In case you have questions, suggestions or anything else, you can to contact me directly via email ( or message me on my profile