One of the things couples should never lose is their playfulness.
The ability to bring fun into the relationship not only spices up your union, but it also creates room for bonding.
In a world that’s obsessed with Movies, Tv shows, surfing the web and smartphones permanently attached to hands, finding ways to entertain ourselves without electronics can be hard.
Nevertheless, there are so many ways to have fun, without all this technology! like old fashioned board game.

Spending time playing games allows a couple to refocus on their relationship,  it helps improves your optimism, your health and it is Fun! so why not? 🙂
Here are 10 best board games for couples we selected for you:

1. Pandemic Legacy Blue Board Game

Reviewer quote:

A perfect game to play with my wife

“This is the perfect game to play with my wife, who will only play cooperative games. She is a nurse and LOVES Pandemic and Pandemic: The Cure. She likewise loves this game. Right now, we have finished the first six “months”; July is next.


While most board games are geared toward getting the partners to compete, Pandemic legacy provides for the possibility of a partnership.

However, given its highly competitive nature, the advice is for the couple to collaborate.

2. Hive: A Game Crawling With Possibilities

Reviewer quote:

Seriously Addicting!

“My husband and I have recently tried to get back into playing games, as an antidote to just vegetating on the couch and watching TV after our little one has gone to bed. By far we’ve had the most fun with this excellent two-person game. It’s not very hard to learn, but invites a lot of experimentation and strategy — so it’s both fun and exercises the mind.”


This is a bug-themed game whose main emphasis is strategy. The game, strictly speaking, is not a board game as no actual board is included. All it requires is a flat surface.

There are twenty-two pieces,  eleven white, and eleven black. Each partner gets a set of eleven. On each piece, a creature is drawn. Each creature represents a unique way of moving.

The idea is to use your pieces to surround your partner’s queen while at the same time protecting yours.

With no board or assembly required, the game simply begins by placing a piece on the floor. It takes on average 20 minutes to play the game as the couple pit their smarts against one another.

You’ll find hundreds of five-star reviews for this game.

3. Carcassonne Board Game

Reviewer quote:

Carcassonne is a Winner in the Game World

“Lots of fun can be simple or complicated, great for kids and adults alike, fast gameplay (no waiting for long turns to be completed), easy-to-learn/easy-to-follow rules, bright and beautiful colors, and no game is ever the same! Never gets boring!
Although Carcassonne supports up to five players, it works best with just two players, as it takes between 30-45 minutes to complete a turn.

Carcassonne is based on the southern France city of the same name. The city is famous for its historic fortifications from Roman and Medieval past.

4. Dominion

Reviewer quote:

LOVE this game!

“ This game is awesome. I’m glad I own it now. It’s a deck-building classic, and unlike the other starter box (intrigue) it’s a little more beginner friendly as there are fewer cards designed to interfere with other players, so people can get the hang of their decks. The game’s really versatile, and you randomly select the cards to use in a given game before it starts, giving it plenty of variation. There are lots of expansions as well, so this is a great piece to put in your games collection. ”
Rio Grande Games Dominion: 2nd Edition
Each player begins with ten cards and accumulates more as the game progresses. The game begins by setting up the kingdom. This kingdom has seven sets of cards.

First are the treasure cards, gold, silver, and copper. Then you have the victory cards, estates, duchies and provinces and lastly, the curses.

The estates are worth one point, the duchies three points, while the provinces are worth six points. The goal is to purchase as many points as possible before all the provinces are bought or three other card piles run out.

5. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Reviewer quote:

We haven’t done all of them yet but its just a fun relaxing way to spend the evening away from Netflix

“My wife and I are loving going through the mysteries! We haven’t done all of them yet but its just a fun relaxing way to spend the evening away from Netflix! Don’t try to beat Sherlock, just enjoy the chase for the truth!”
This is a game for couples target at bookworms with a penchant for solving crime puzzles.

The game has a set of ten crimes that you and your partner are expected to solve. Each crime/game takes up to two hours to solve with the later ones taking longer.

To help you unravel the clues and gather the evidence is the world’s greatest consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.

To uncover clues, you and your partner will have to read stories, newspaper articles and visit crime scenes on a map of London. You and your partner can play as a duo or in competition.

6. Takenoko

Reviewer quote:

Beautifully Whimsical and Strategic!

“Great game! We’ve played it five times so far and as an avid board gamer”
Takenoko is a fun, Chinese inspired game. A giant panda is loose in a rice paddy and he’s eating all of the bamboos! Use the farmer and the panda to achieve your goals. This is a light-hearted game that I could play every day.

7. Jaipur

Reviewer quote:

It’s a great, fast-paced 2 player game

“Bought this game for my boyfriend 2 years ago. We still play it fairly regularly. It’s a great, fast-paced 2 player game.
This simple but competitive game deals with trading in the market of Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital city.

Two dealers buy, hold, and exchange against each other to determine the winner.

Jaipur is a fast-paced game with strategy and risk at the heart. The winner among the couple is the one with the nerve to develop and execute the best buy, hold and sell strategy. Every game takes thirty minutes to play.

8. Splendor

Reviewer quote:

High replay value – friends can’t get enough

“My friends simply can not get enough of this game. I was first introduced to it in Australia & after months of being away decided to purchase it on Amazon. The price definitely seems to fluctuate on it, so keep an eye out.
Splendor is a gem that we found recently. It’s a fast game (under 30 minutes for 2 players) but it really is a blast! Collect gems, build mines, and try to rack up 15 points before your opponent. I think every couple should have this game in their arsenal for a quick game night.

9. Guillotine

Reviewer quote:

Such a fun, quirky game!

“This game is SO much fun! I’m a history nerd (and history major) who has always been obsessed with the French Revolution…and with card games. It’s like this game was made for me! That being said, even if you don’t love history…it’s still a blast. (Just ask some of my family members!

Guillotine board game

As the box eloquently puts it, “you win by getting ahead.” You play an executioner in Revolution-era France, trying to please the people by beheading the least popular nobles. But action cards keep shuffling up the front of the line, making it difficult to predict who’s next on the chopping block. While in game time, this plays out over three days, you’ll be able to knock out around in about half an hour.

10. Patchwork

Reviewer quote:

This game is for everyone, not just quilt lovers!

“Very fun & interesting 2 player Tetris styled quilt builder. You don’t have to be into quilts to like this game! We have fun every time we play this game. Neither of us is into quilting.

Patchwork board game
All the relaxation of a Zen sewing hobby, none of the hazards of needles and sewing machines. Each player is trying to make the most complete 9×9 quilt using an array of Tetris pieces, available for purchase with buttons that you earn over time. But the bigger the piece you play, the more quickly your token advances through the time track, effectively giving you fewer turns to pick up more patches. It’s rare to find a game that rewards the resistance to rush, and it’s fitting that a quilting game would be such an exercise.