When you work a 9 to 5 job, you are too tired to go to a bar and socialize with people. That is where social media comes in. In this age, you can find anything on the internet, even a date.

That’s why Tinder is so popular because you can find your potential match with just a swipe. But why is your inbox lonely lately? Is the app not working?

With millions of people using tinder, you should have found a special someone already. But even after so many swipes, are you not getting the prize you are looking for?

It does not mean there is no one out there for you. There might be another reason behind the no match slump. Here are 10 reasons why you have no matches on Tinder.

1. You are Hitting the Wrong Button

Is the reason behind you not getting any matches is that you don’t know how to use the app? Maybe you are pressing the X button, instead of the ‘like’ one.

Or maybe you just swiped left on your phone? Left – no match! You must learn the basics of tinder if you want to get in on the dating game.

If you are interested, press the green heart, not the red X.

2. Your Photo is Driving Them Away

tinder picture rulesPutting the right display picture is very important, especially because that is what you are judged on. If you have a creepy or scary picture, you will not be getting a match.

People are not interested in your cat, or your cute little teddy bear; or your kids. Tinder rule 101: never post pictures of your kids. This isn’t Instagram.

No to dead animals as well. Do you have a picture holding a dead pigeon or a dead fish? Come on now, that’s just creepy.

Also, don’t put a picture up with a filter from Snapchat that completely alters your face. Yes, the dog filter is cute, but 7 photos with that? There must be something wrong!

You should avoid pictures with sunglasses as well, why would someone send you a message when they can’t even see your face?

Choose photos where you are showing off your style without being over the top, and your inbox will be overflowing in no time.

3. Your Profile Description

Your profile description should never be left empty. People usually move on to your description section if they like your pictures. Seeing it empty will have them running to the hills. Explain why they should contact you and what makes you fun. Give them something interesting to go with.

You should never give too much information either: it’s tinder, not a blog post. You shouldn’t come off as chatty, just enigmatic. Leave enough mystery so that they are bound to contact you and wish to meet you in person.

Let’s not go with too little either. Descriptions like: “Hi, my name is Sam. I like movies.” should be avoided like the plague.

Your profile description should be creative, without it being too vague or too OTT.

4. You Live in a Small Town

If you live in a small town, chances are you already know everyone there. What you need to do is expand your dating pool, that’s how you will get matches.

Your location can have a big impact on your tinder matches. Just by adjusting your pool to a few towns can work wonders.

tinder no one around5. Forgot to Check Your Inbox

Now that is a very common problem with people: they forget to check the inbox for messages. When you visit someone’s profile and like it, it shows up in the inbox. What if they contacted you and you failed to check your inbox?

Don’t forget to check your messages before signing off next time, your love could be waiting for you.

6. You Have Bad Follow-up Skills

When someone messages you, you have to keep the questions open-ended so that conversation won’t stop. If you give one-word answers, how can you get a match? You need to show that you are interested and keep the banter going.

Giving one word answers portray you as you being unapproachable. Instead, try asking questions about their likes and interests. Also, share what you like you to do in your free time.

Finding common interests will ensure that you will have something to talk about.

7. Age Restriction too Tight

When you put an age restriction on your tinder app, you will only be seeing pictures of those people who are within your range. It is good to expand the pool a little.

If you can be a little flexible with the age of your potential match, you will be able to get a better match. Keep a range of at least 5-7 years instead of just 1-2, trust us, you will be getting matches left, right and center.

8. Not Using Your Super Likes?

There is no need to save those super likes — use them. If you really like the person on the screen, instead of liking their picture, super like it to show your interest.

If you are using the free version, your super likes are not being saved, they are being wasted. You get one super like a day, and if you do not use it, it doesn’t get transferred.

Maybe that is the reason your matching game is slow?

9. You Don’t Use the Tinder App Much

You have to be an active user to get a match on Tinder. The less you use the app, the more your profile goes down on the matching game. Use the app at least every 3 days to get a good match.

10. You Have a Picture With Your Ex

couple picturePosting a picture on tinder with your ex? Wrong move! If you have a picture with your ex on your tinder account, it gives one of two vibes: one – you are in a relationship, and two – you are still hung up on them.

Remove it now!

All you have to do now is to fix these things on your tinder account, and your inbox will be flowing with matches in no time.

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