Are you a hotheaded person? Do you feel like ripping the other person’s head off when you are in the middle of an argument? Wondering how to remain Calm During an Argument?
Don’t worry; we have all been there.

The important thing is to not give in to your instincts; that will land you in jail. Well, jokes apart, there are a few ways in which you can calm yourself down during an argument.
Even the happiest of the couples fight; it is just the part of a relationship.

When you are in the middle of an argument, it is important that you don’t say something that you will regret later
Slamming doors and breaking dishes will not help in the long run, but calming yourself will.
Here are a few tips that will help you remain calm during a heated argument:

1. Know Your Limits

remain calm

During an argument, it is important that you know your limits. If you feel like you are about to cross them, it is better to call a time out. If you want to say hostile or harsh words, leave the house immediately, as you will regret it later.

Sometimes getting away from the fight is what you need to do to gain perspective.

A little fresh air will help you calm down, so taking a walk might be a good idea.

2. Take a Deep Breath

Breathing exercises are a great way to calm yourself down during an argument. Taking a break to take a deep breath gives you time to think about your actions. Breathing can also release the tension and stress of the argument, which is very helpful.

Taking slow deep breaths lowers your blood pressure and brings back clarity. Just a few minutes of breathing can make the difference between resolving the argument and waging a full-blown war.

3. Stay Away From Alcohol

stay Away From Alcohol Alcohol impairs your judgment even when you are not angry. And drinking alcohol during an argument just adds fuel to the fire.

Alcohol hinders your ability to think rationally, and when your thinking is capacity is weakened; the argument will just go out of hand.

So, stay as far away from alcohol as you can. It will just make the matter worse than it already is.

4. Know When to Pause

Fights are just the part of a relationship; no one can outrun them. But it is important that you know when to pause.

You can either come up with safe words that will indicate to your partner that you are at your limit. Pausing during an argument gives you time to step back and think of the situation.

Maybe that is the time you need to realize how much you love each other, and how this argument is a rough patch that will pass.

5. Go to Your Happy Place

A great way to calm yourself down during an argument is by visualizing yourself in your happy place. This can help reduce stress and anxiety and give you a feeling of peace. Your happy place could be anything – like the beach or a garden with birds chirping in the background.

You can also think back to a happy memory that the two of you shared together. Those happy memories will help you calm down. You can also browse through your phone and revisit pictures of your partner and remind yourself of all the fun memories you have shared. That will also help you to relax.

6.  Show Affection to Your Partner

It is important that you don’t get carried away in the heat of the moment and remember that you care for each other. Showing affection can help you calm down and prevent the fight from getting too aggressive.

7. Watch Your Words

Watch Your Words

Stick and stones may break bones, but hurtful words do something much worse. The words you say in the heat of the moment will stick and probably accelerate the argument even more.

No matter how angry you are, stay away from hurtful words. Stop yourself if you are about to say something hurtful or are about to blame your partner for the fight.

Understanding each other’s point of views can help you calm down.

8. You are on the Same Team

Remember, you are one unit. Listen to what your partner is trying to say and think about it with a cool mind.

Shouting and screaming will only make matters worse. It is essential that you give your partner time to give you their side of the story, and during that time try to remain calm.

Maybe listening to your partner’s point of view is all you need to get composed and calm.

Communication is the only way your argument can end, so make sure that you discuss the matter at hand and negotiate your way through it.

9. Lighten Up the Mood

Sometimes all you need to end an argument is to have a good laugh. A joke or something that is surprising and funny can bring the tension down, which will help you calm down.

Asking your partner to dance with you or waving the white cloth to demonstrate peace will help both of you calm down.

These 10 ways will definitely help you understand how to remain calm during an argument. Whenever you are in the middle of a fight, think of these tips and you will be back to laughing and giggling with your loved one in no time.


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