So now that you’re in a happy relationship, you want to know how to be a good girlfriend to keep your boyfriend happy.
The truth is that it doesn’t take much to do just that, essentially, being a good girlfriend is treating your man the way you want to be treated.
Let’s see together how to be a good girlfriend.

1. Be His Best Friend

It is not uncommon for many couples to start as friends and then move on to a more intimate relationship. But something odd happened once they became romantically involved. They stopped being friends. I mean, sure, there were more complicated feelings involved, and maybe sex. But when you take the “friend” part out of the equation, it takes something away from the benefit of being a couple, I feel.

So what does being his friend look like? Well, ask yourself how you would treat your best friend. It’s about having a connection outside of the bedroom. Doing things you did together when you were friends (if that was the case before dating) or doing things together that you’d do with a friend like hiking, watching TV shows or sporting event.

2. Always be Open and Honest

Women aren’t the only ones that enter a relationship with baggage from past experiences. Men, just like you, have been hurt in past relationships. They may have trouble being vulnerable with you.

Sincerity is fundamental. Yes, it is true that often a small fib does not hurt anyone, but it is important, to be honest. Share all your feelings, all thoughts that cross over your head and you want to share them with him.

If there is any problem or situation that displeases you, always discuss it with him, and do not avoid talking or having awkward conversations by simply avoiding a fight. I bet your soulmate really admire your sincerity and also begin to share not only his best but also his most important problems. Honesty, then? Let’s try at least!

This may be hard for you if you have difficulty opening up, so gradually work on it.

3. Say What’s on Your Mind

I know some women who do whatever they can to not rock the boat in a relationship early on, so they stifle their opinions and personality. This is such a shame because the right man will love you because of your opinion, not in spite of it.

Obviously, you don’t want to offend him. Maybe stay away from topics that might cause arguments. But it is ok to speak your mind, it is just a matter of how you’ll say it.

4. Give Him and yourself Space

Men sometimes need their space, and probably you do as well, and it is absolutely normal and ok.
Being independent it is one of the most attractive and healthy traits in relationships.
Try not to let the relationship absorb yourself and keep your group of friends, your interests and hobbies.

You will convey that you value your space and therefore also understand that he needs his.
If you really want to work on how to be a good girlfriend, give him that space when he needs it. Don’t take it personally. Use that time to be by yourself or with your friends.

5. Listen and Pay attention to Him

Get Back In the GameA guy likes that you have an interest in things he cares about, from his gigs to the Basketball League, or Video Games. Keep eye contact with him and ask him questions that will show that you care about his life, as a good girlfriend.
Listen to him, you can significantly improve your relationship, because you’re paying attention to what he’s saying, and he will notice that.

6. Be Supportive

We all want someone supportive in our lives. It makes us feel important and loved. Being a good girlfriend means taking your turn in supporting him. In a strong relationship, partners always take turns being there for one another.

7. Trust him

Trust is the core of relationships, without it… a relationship is destined to die.
You must have confidence in your boyfriend, and you need him to be aware of it. Trust him and enjoy a healthy and happy relationship.
Remember also that there is nothing that bothers men more than dating with a Sherlock Holmes, instead of the girlfriend, he met years ago. Eliminate insecurities, and enjoy a great relationship if there is no reason to distrust.

8. Don’t take him for granted

The worst thing you can do to your boyfriend is to take him for granted. Pay attention to him and don’t stop appreciating all the little things you used to love about him.
The worst thing you can do to your boyfriend is to take him or his efforts for granted. Pay attention to him, your boyfriend needs to know and feel that his efforts are being appreciated.
Let him know that you value him and every effort he does for you.

9. Tell him what bothers you

How to Deal with Relationship AnxietyIf something is bothering you, tell him and talk about it, but calmly, so it won’t cause much trouble in the future. If you want your boyfriend to be a good partner, inspire him by being a good girlfriend first.  Remember, communication is a very important and vital parameter in a relationship.

10. Don’t dwell on the past

Don’t dig up the past when you have an argument with your partner, it won’t do any good and it’s not worth ruining a good day with your boyfriend. Give your relationship a chance to move forward and grow stronger.

11. Let him be the man in the relationship

Men like to feel in control, to be the captain of the ship. So let him fill that role. Let him feel that he can take the charge by asking for his opinion about certain things in your relationship. Be open to his suggestions, even if you don’t agree. Also, let him take care of you, even for little things. A man likes to feel that he can take care of his woman.

12. Send him sweet messages.

A simple little “Good morning’ or “I love you” every day will surely brighten up his day. It doesn’t have to be a long text, as long as it’s sweet, it will do the job.
Your boyfriend will appreciate it, he will know that you think about him and that you miss him.


Of course, there are certainly many more tips on how to be a good girlfriend, but these should get you started.
Just remember to pay attention to his reaction when you do or say something. A relationship is all about getting to know each other, learn about each other. And when needed, adapt.

The ways you work on how to be a good girlfriend will evolve over time. Your relationship will change, hopefully, for the better. Go with the flow, and continually work on how to be a good girlfriend.