Relationship issues are very natural incidents that occur in our daily life. If you are in a relationship and do not go through a relationship problem, that means you do not love your partner, and your partner doesn’t actually care about you. Caring comes with insecurity. Loving someone will naturally lead to a relationship problem.

In this article, we are not going to talk about all the common love related relationship issues and couple fights, instead, we will talk about 4 Critical phases of a relationship that more or less every link has to go through — for example, Relationship Problems While Pregnant. Here I am not saying “while she is pregnant,” because, when a woman becomes pregnant, she is not the only one who is pregnant, it is said that “the couple is pregnant.”

Anyways, there are the Phases of a Relationship that we are about to talk about in this article:

  1. Relationship Issues While a Couple is Pregnant
  2. Relationship Problems after Marriage when You Move in Together
  3. Relationship Issues Due to Addiction of Using Social Media
  4. Relationship Problems Because of Erectile Dysfunction

1. Relationship Issues and Problems While a Couple is Pregnant

relationship problems while pregnant

A woman goes through some very weird mental and psychological phenomena while she is pregnant. These are very natural behaviors according to medical science. She will not understand that she is acting weird in this period. These behaviors often cross the limits, which leads to various relationship issues such as, insecurity, depression, anxiety or even doubting her husband which can lead to trust issues.

These are common behaviors while a woman is pregnant. As her husband, you need to understand these problems and sacrifice in this period of time as you are the healthy one. You need to take care of your wife/girlfriend at this time. If you do not understand the issue, it can lead to bigger relationship problems which can be a very serious problem for your baby. Here are some useful solutions that you can practice to avoid relationship problems while pregnant.

2. Relationship Problems after Marriage when You Move in Together

relationship problems after moving in togetherAfter your marriage or decision that you will have a live-in relationship, you move in together in your own home. After you move in together, many problems can arise because both of you were used to with a different lifestyle, a sudden change in life leads to may problems.
For example, often people are not used to sharing their bed with somebody else, it makes them uncomfortable and they can not sleep.

It takes some time to get used to with these problems, if you do not consider accepting these issues of your partner, it will make relationship problems and you will start to fight to change each other. But trust me, trying to change each other is really not an option to solve this problem. You have to accept your spouse ash s/he is.

If you start to sacrifice for and accept your spouse’s habits, your partner will also start to sacrifice for you and ignore your problems that s/he does not like. everyone has problems, you just have to accept it.

3. Social networking Addiction leads to Relationship Issues

social media addictionMany people are nowadays addicted to using social media sites. Actually, this is not our fault; social media sites market themselves in such a way that you can not even ignore even if you try. They affect your psychology directly.

Anyways, the main problem is, addiction to technology can hard your relationship in a very serious way. For example, it often makes your partner insecure that if you were having an affair online. It can also harm your relationship because when you are addicted to using social media, it takes to give your partner less time, and we know, out of sight is out of mind. Giving each other time is a really important thing to do to maintain a romantic relationship. You just can not ignore that.

4. Relationship Problems Because of Erectile Dysfunction

importance of sex in a relationship

One other thing you can not ignore is the importance of satisfying sex in a relationship. On one side, having satisfying sex can really make your relationship work out so good and you can not even stay without each other a day. On the other hand, not having sex can often impact your relationship badly.
Having sex is a natural thing to do and everybody has physical needs. Just as like your other needs, you can not do anything well if you can not fulfill your need, consider eating, if you are hungry, you can not concentrate on any of your works. Sex is exactly the same, lack of making love and hunger can make frustrated and you will not be concentrate on anything. It leads to problems in a relationship.

Another problem unsatisfying sex makes is, your partner is not interested in you anymore, it will naturally make your partner in unethical acts such as having an affair outside. SO, it can be said that erectile dysfunction and unsatisfying sex can make loyalty issues.

If you are facing erectile dysfunction, you should consult a physician urgently.

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