They say you have to be brave enough or stupid enough to use cheesy pick up lines. I tend to agree with the former and not the latter. Yes, I know there are horrible pickup lines out there; I guess these are meant for those who are stupid enough; Pan intended!

Pick up lines are as old as relationships themselves.

I bet even the cavemen during the stone age had their own cheesy pickup lines. Maybe something like “I will be thrilled to hiber-mate with you throughout the Ice Age!” Cheesy huh! Fast forward to the modern times, we have perfected pickup lines such that we are now using them beyond face-to-face first encounters to even using them on Bumble, Tinder and even on social media sites.

Meeting new people especially for the first time is usually a nerve-wracking. Thus, creating first impressions can be hard, given the reality of possible rejection. Thus it is normal to have the jitters when approaching a gorgeous girl.

What can help lighten up this tense moment is a cheesy pick-up line that makes your target laugh; which is a great first step in the right direction. Pickup lines are also a great way to announce that you are interested in the other person. This might the reason why pickup lines have never gone out of fashion in the dating scene.

The secret to success with pickup lines is to know when and how to use them. They mainly say that it is usually not what you say but how you say it. What more you should consider is the who and where factors as well. Some of these lines may not work on a dating app, while others can turn out disastrous when used in restrictive environments such as your workplace.

So, now that you know so much could go wrong when using cheesy pick up lines, should you just pack up and head home with your heads bowed? Absolutely not! If you are a quitter when it comes to dating, you will only end with horrible to zero sex and relationships action. So consider these lines as a license to fire up your sex life. You just need a little practice and getting used to.

Soon you will find yourself saying these lines in a silly or a flirty manner that will make her smile or laugh. This will definitely win you some bragging points and maybe an opportunity to ask her out or to ask for her number. I can’t forget to mention that ladies too use pickup lines. It just that they are usually smooth and subtle that you barely notice.

With that said, we have rounded up a list of our top 100 cheesy, silly, out-of-this-world pickup lines guaranteed to make her smile.

1. An emerald or a diamond ring? Or should we get to know each other first?

2. Trust me I’m a good boy, the only thing that will spoon you when you visit is my morning cereal.

3. Still trying to figure out what nickname to give you. To be honest I’m torn between a few options. I think I will go with ‘cupcake’ for now, hope you are cool with that.

4. You must be a time traveler because I can see you in my future!


5. Hey there, thank you for liking my photos, does that mean that we are now boyfriend and girlfriend?

6. I may not be mathematician, but I’m pretty good with numbers. So just give me yours and then see what I can do with it.

7. Here’s a personality quiz; small dogs, big dogs or hot dogs?

8. Kiss me if I’m wrong, dragons do still exist, right?

9. Hi, I’m doing a social experiment on what girls think about cheesy pick-up lines. “what’s your sign?”, “Do you come here often?”, “Do you like me like that?”, “Can I have your number?”. How am I doing so far?

10. What’s your Instagram handle? My parents always emphasize that I should always follow my dreams.

11. People are crazy about Superbowl because it happens only once a year; I am crazy about you instead because meeting someone like you is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

12. I would be happy to flirt with you, but I’d rather let my awkwardness seduce you.

13. Hello, I am doing this research on the finer things in life, and you are looking perfect candidate for my first interview.

14. Even if you and I were some socks, we would turn out to be a great pair.

15. Hey sweetheart, I would have taken you out to (a restaurant, the movies or any other great indoor place) but they don’t allow snacks!

16. If I had to guess where you live, it could have been in the gallery because you are such a piece of art.

17. God took his sweet time with you.

18. So who do you like most? Superman, Spiderman, and Batman. [She responds – and then you say], forget about them, I’ll be your man.

19. If I had the chance to reshuffle the alphabet I would put U and I together.

20. My friends over there bet that I can’t start a conversation with the hottest girl in this club. Wanna buy something with their money?

21. You probably need to see a doctor because you are lacking some vitamin me.

22. Tinder says if I say hi to you, my lonely day will be long gone. Does this mean we are now exclusive? [A great pick up line to use on Tinder or any other dating site.]

23. Don’t you get tired of running through my mind all day?

24. Saw the doctor today, she said I am lacking vitamin U.

24. Saw the doctor today, she said I am lacking vitamin U.

25. (You go ahead to pick up a packet of sugar or honey from the shelf and then pretend you’ve picked it up on the floor and then you say) hey Miss; I think you just dropped your name tag.

26. I don’t know much about algebra but If you were a triangle, I guess you would be (a) acute one.

27. You make me want to clean up my room.

28. OH, you smile too? Gosh, we must be soul mates because we’ve got so much in common.

29. Let’s flip a coin. Head’s I’m yours, the tail’s you are mine.

30. Are you a believer of love at first sight or should I walk past you one more time?

31. I am a fortune teller; (take her hand and then write your number on it and then say). I can see you have an awesome future with a great soulmate.

32. You don’t have to have any followers; I will just follow you everywhere.

33. Hoping to be your next big mistake.

34. You remind me of my contract because you have fine written all over you.

35. If I was given a dollar for every time I thought of you, I would be a millionaire by now!

36. What if I told that you have a great body, will you hold it against me?

37. I want us to put up a garden and then put our tulips together!

38. Well, here I am. What was your other wish?

Well, here I am What was your other wish

39. Why do they say that Disneyland is the most exciting place to be? I think no one has ever been seated next to you.

40. Aside from taking my breath away, what are your other favorite past times?

41. I’m sorry, did you say something? [No] Well then, now you can.

42. I think you owe me a drink. [Why?] Because when you looked at me, I dropped mine.

43. I guess they lied when they said Happiness starts with H, while mine starts with U.

44. If I was the traffic lights, I would always turn red every time I saw you. Sounds cold but this is the only way I would get to stare at you longer.

45. I was just reading the book of Numbers only to realize that I don’t have yours.

46. What did you have for breakfast, lucky charms? Because you just look magically delicious.

47. You might be asked to take your leave because you are making the rest of the women here to look bad.

48. Now I understand why the sky is grey today; you stole all the blue and put it in your eyes.

49. I know milk does some justice to the body, I just can’t help wonder much have you been taking?

50. Your beauty just blew the pickup line off my mind.

51. My friends over there want to know if you think I am cute.

52. Even if a thousand artist worked for a thousand years, they could not create a masterpiece as beautiful as you are.

53. You’re like the lyrics to my favorite song; always on my mind and hard to forget.

54. Lucky I carried my card today because I’m totally checking you out.

55. Guess what I’m wearing today? The smile you gave me when I saw you in the morning! [preferably used in a phone conversation].

56. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to return it.

57. I am not an organ donor but I would be glad to give you the whole of your heart.

58. How hard is it to be that cute?

59. My reality now seems better than my dreams. I guess I am in love with you.

60. Are you a soccer player, because I think you are a keeper?

61. You may fall from a horse, or fall from the sky, but the best way to fall is in love with me.

62. What’s your name or should I call you mine?

63. If you keep this up, I might have to end this sentence with a proposition?

64. Hey, you dropped something, [what?] My jaw!

65. Can I show you a picture of a beautiful person? [Then you go ahead to give her a mirror and the say, ‘there you go’- this will not only get you selling more clothes but will also to get you laid more].

66. Hey, what’s that in your eye? Oh! Never mind, it is just your sparkle.

67. I might not be a photographer, but I can picture us together.

68. I know you are pretty busy today but you can squeeze me in your to-do list.

69. If you are kidnapped by a chubby man and then thrown into a bag, worry not. I told Santa I want you for Christmas.

70. I bet we would look good on a wedding cake.

71. I bet we could make cute babies.

72. Hey, I am glad to meet you. My name is (your name) and you are… lovely!

73. If you were some kind of a pill, I’d be addicted or ODed by now!

74. I have been sitting here wondering whether your lips taste as good as they look.

75. Girl, you are perfect. If there is a thing I could change about you, it would be your last name.

76. Wow; God must have been showing off when he made you!

77. I am not high; you just intoxicate me.

I am not high; you just intoxicate me

78. If I could give you the name of a fruit, I would call you a fine-apple.

79. I heard that you are good with math’s so help me solve this. Replace my X without asking Y.

80. Do you work at Dick’s? (why) because you are sporting the goods [careful with this one, might get you in trouble].

81. Your lips look a bit lonely, I’m sure they won’t mind meeting mine.

82. Excuse me, are you lost? [why] Because heaven is way far from here.

83. Typically, I’m not a hoarder but you really make me want to keep you forever.

84. My cell phone has a problem. [why?] Because it doesn’t have your number in it.

85. What if asked you out on a date, would your response be the same as your answer to this question?

86. You got me thinking of the 21 alphabet letters [no, they are just 26]. Oh! I forgot to include U R A Q T!

87. I think that you are infected with this new disease called beautiful!

88. I think there is something wrong with my phone. Dial me up to see if it rings.

89. Do you know what’s beautiful? The first word I have said; Or read the first word (if you are texting).

90. Hey, I have just noticed you noticing me, so I couldn’t help to give you a notice that I too have noticed you.

91. You’re that Nothing I say when they ask me what I’m thinking about.

92. It should be illegal to look this good; somebody call the cops!

93. I should make a complaint to Spotify or the billboard chart because you are the hottest single ever.

94. You have great curves, but my favorite is your smile.

hey girl of all the beautiful curves on your body your smile is my favorite

95. I am not planning to play hide and seek because it is usually hard to find someone like you.

96. Hey there, I’m stepping out for a walk, will you hold this for me? (give her your hand)

97. Is it so hot in here or is it just you?

98. You give her 10 roses with 9 real and one fake and then you say, I will stop loving you when all these roses wither!

99. If you were a basketball, I would be afraid to shoot, because I am afraid that I will miss you.

100. I used to be so much into Gambling until I discovered the queen of my heart.

Bonus Cheesy Pick Up Lines

You must be a very important chapter in my book of life since seeing you have been the highlight of my day.

If loving you is a sentence, I am ready for a life sentence.

Did we take a class together? Because you look familiar. I think we had chemistry.

Was feeling a little bit off but you definitely turned me on once I saw you.

Your eyes look like a gateway into a universe which I yearn to be part of.


You buy her gifts, dress to impress, take her out and do a lot of other things that women are attracted to. However, if you cannot find the right words to express yourself, or to approach a girl, all of this will be in vain. However, you have better chances of winning her heart if you can make her smile or laugh. The above corny, hilarious and cheesy pick up lines are a sure way to make her melt or at least announce your attraction towards her.

I know what you are thinking, especially because you’ve heard this and that about pickup lines. They say they rarely work, are over-the-top and make you look dumb. However, the opposite is true when these lines are delivered right, and with confidence; she is likely to get attracted to you because women love confidence.

Remember that the sauce of these cheesy pickup lines is on their delivery. It more about how you say them and not what you say. You will be amazed about how they can effectively warm a woman’s heart, such that she will be instantly ready to have a conversation with you, give you her number or even do out on a date with you.

So feel free, to be that person who confidently uses these silly, whacky and ridiculously cheesy pick up lines to get girls to open up to you. Remember, no matter the outcome don’t take it too seriously and most of all, enjoy yourself.

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