Who doesn’t like to have fun with their boyfriends? We love teasing them and this is a fact that they tease us even more! But this is what a relationship is about- having fun together. Enjoying with each other like best friends is the best thing two people can do to make their relationship last longer. So, playing pranks on boyfriend can bring fun to your life and this will show more signs that you have a chemistry with your guy. Here are some prank ideas to play with your boyfriend or husband. You can twist them according to your understanding to enhance enjoyment.

Winding Up Timings Of The Clock

Winding Up Timings Of The Clock

Wind up the clocks one hour before.
So that in the morning, your partner will wake up and get ready one hour before the usual time.

He will get ready and leave for his office and will be surprised to see that he has reached one hour before.
That is when you call him and have a good laugh.

For making this funny prank a bit romantic you can just stop him when he is just about to move out of the house.
You can tell him that it was all a joke and both of you can make out in bed in that extra one hour!

Playing With His Packing

When your boyfriend is leaving the town for some work or even on a trip with his friends. You can just mess with his packing to tease him a little. Instead of his underclothes, you can put yours. So, when he will reach there and will look for his underclothes he will find yours. He would be surprised and confused and will definitely give you a call. While you can laugh on the call and tease him that you want him to miss you there.

Mess With His Food


If your partner is the one who always likes to eat something unhealthy then you can make all his favorite unhealthy dishes with healthy ingredients which should look absolutely the same. Tease him the entire day that he is going to have a tasty dinner and then serve him with those unhealthy looking but healthy snacks which would taste absolutely opposite. For example, a dessert made up of oats. The look on his face will be hilarious!

Anonymous Texter

happy fool day

Text him with some unknown number and try to flirt with him. Then later check his phone in front of him and cross-question him about her being really angry. He will be tensed and would want to justify himself. Later on, end it with a laugh and he will join you too.

Clothes On The Run

When he is going to take a shower make sure to hide all his clothes and towels. Lock the wardrobe so that he doesn’t have access to any clothes. When he will be done, he will be looking for it and will be roaming naked here and there while you would be laughing. It would be interesting to see what he does to cover himself.

Caution: However, always take care of the things which your partner is absolutely sensitive about. You shouldn’t pull a prank on things he is really emotional about or pranks which might hurt his feelings. The aim of pulling a prank should always be to have fun and yes even having fun has a boundary which needs to be followed because you obviously wouldn’t want it to end up in a fight which will last longer and may build up into something big.

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