gift for herLooking for Gift ideas for Women?
Sure, we can go with the clichés and get her chocolate or candy, but why not go a little more original?

Luckily for you, the times of you walking around the mall for hours looking for that ideal gift are over.

We are here to help you out! Here’s a list of gift ideas for women that will help you choose the perfect gift for her.

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One can never have too much makeup! It’s one of the essentials every girl needs.
But with all those lipsticks and mascaras, one is bound to get confused which would be the best option.

We have a solution for that as well: you can get one of her friends to help you pick out her favorite pieces of cosmetics.
Surprise her with a big makeup basket with all of her favorite products.
Trust me; she will be over the moon.

All In One Harmony Makeup Kit – Ultimate Color Combination – New Edition

Make room for those “pearl-ie” whites

The one thing that never goes out of fashion is pearls. Every woman needs pearls in her jewelry box; it just goes with everything! That’s what makes it a perfect present. Buy her a beautiful pearl necklace and she’ll be overjoyed.

9-10mm Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Infinity Pendant Necklace for Women


Ah, those heavenly scents! For a classic lady, the finest present you can buy is perfume. Buy her favorite scent and she will be thrilled!

Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette Spray for Women, 3 Fl. Oz


Remember the watch she liked the last time you were at the mall?
Won’t it be just perfect if you got it for her as a gift? She will be surprised too, for sure! Watches can be a perfect gift for your loved one.
It is not just an accessory, but a necessity.

Women’s T26301 Kendall Circle Two-Tone Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch


Yes, you read that right! Jewelry is a girl’s best friend. It not only looks elegant but is also chic. Not to forget, it goes with everything. What better way to express your love to her than a shiny new bracelet, necklace, ring or Earrings!


If your girl is a beach bum, the perfect present for her will be a pair of sunglasses. Finding the right pair could be tricky though. You will need to find one which is not only stylish but will also suit her face. So get those walking shoes on, boys; you are going shopping.


A trendy jacket is all a woman’s wardrobe needs. Why not get her a nice, stylish denim jacket? It is not only trendy but also never goes out of fashion.
She can flaunt it around town, all thanks to you.

A personalized makeup bag

Every woman needs a personalized bag to keep her makeup in. Sure, she can go with a boring one from the mart across the street, but why not get her something special? Every time she pulls the bag out of her purse, she will think of you. Now, it doesn’t get better than that!


If your girl is into art, this could be a great present. A nice painting will not only make her happy but will also look good hanging on the wall of your house.

Her favorite book

Sure, she can read the book on her Kindle, but there is something about a book that Kindle doesn’t have. The feeling of turning the pages of a book is something Kindle can’t capture. Buy her a book from her favorite author and she will be delighted.

A scented candle

Need some romantic lighting for that dinner date with your better half? Scented candles will go way better than the regular ones in your kitchen. Not only will they give you perfect lighting, but will also provide you with a pleasant smell.

A stylish bag

You can never go wrong with a bag. Your girl deserves to have a chic and stylish bag to complement her outfit. So why not get her one?

Flowers, flowers everywhere

gift for her
Buying her flowers on Valentine’s Day? Cliché! Buying her flowers for the whole year? Brilliant! You can get her a yearlong subscription for a bouquet of flowers. She deserves to have a beautiful bouquet on her desk every day of the year.

Jewelry box

There will never be enough space for your girl’s jewelry. And your girl deserves to keep her jewelry in a fancy jewelry box, and not a zip-up bag. This is a perfect time for you to get her a cute jewelry box and give her jewelry a fancy new home.


If there is one thing a girl can’t resist: its shoes! And a good pair of Uggs will have her jumping up and down with excitement and happiness.
So make your girl happy and get those Shoes for her now.

Silk and cashmere wrap

Who can resist that silky softness? This is the best time of the year to get a wrap for your lady. She will rock spring with vibrant colors and look super stylish.


Who doesn’t love a cuddly buddy to snuggle up with! A teddy bear may sound a little cliché but the sheer adorableness of it will drive that thought right out of her mind.
And I am not talking about those little teddies. I mean those big lifelike teddies that will take up an entire corner of your room. Talk about the fluffiness!

Daily journal

I know, we can use our phones and tabs to write notes and reminders in. but there is something about putting pen to paper that just feels right. Making notes on your Smartphone isn’t the same.  You can get her a daily journal to pencil in her thoughts and make to-do-lists. Also, she can decorate it will all sorts of arts and crafts. You can’t do that in a Smartphone.

So here you have it, guys. These Gift ideas for Women will help you choose an amazing gift your special someone. Happy shopping!