We all know the health problems that come with smoking. But it is very hard to kick this addictive habit. If you want to convince someone you love to quit smoking, you should brace yourself because it is not going to be a walk in the park.

There is a chance that your smoker friend has tried and failed to quit smoking, and is reluctant to try again. That is where you come in. Here are a few ways you can convince someone to quit smoking:

The Talk

The first step towards convincing someone to quit smoking is having the talk with them. And when we say talk to them, we don’t mean you go all guns blazing and tell them all the negative things.

Quitting smoking is a sensitive topic, and it should be approached in an appropriate way. Prepare for the backlash, because their first instinct will be to change the topic. Don’t approach the subject abruptly. Also, nagging them will not get you anywhere either. Tell them your concerns and use emotion as a way to sway them towards a healthier lifestyle.  

Don’t expect your friend to go cold turkey after the talk. Give them a couple of days to process before bringing up the subject again.

Remind Them About the Health Problems

Remind Them About the Health Problems

Smokers know that this habit is causing harm to their bodies, but they tend to put that information away in a small box and lock it. Encourage them to open the box and process the information. Tell them how they are harming their health and the health of the people around them with second-hand smoke.
Make sure that you give the advice in a positive manner and not badger them in any way. Show your support and love for them and tell them that you want to keep them around for a long time.

The Financial Side

Smoking is not just bad for health, but for the pocket as well. Get your friend to track their smoking expenses for a month, and show them the dent this unhealthy habit is making in their bank account.

Encourage them to quit smoking by telling them that the money they spend on cigarettes can go towards other things, like travel or vacation.

Be Supportive

A support system is very important when someone is trying to quit smoking. Don’t pass any judgment and give them your full support. Tell them that it is okay to fall off the wagon, as long as they get back on it again.

Be there to listen to their problems and check in from time to time. You can also help them find aids that will help them control the carvings.

These steps will help you convince your friends or loved ones to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is a long and hard way, but with you by their side, they can achieve this goal.

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