Our tips on dating a younger man

Are you dating or planning to date a younger man? If yes then you are making the right decision. Dating a younger man is very exciting. Younger men are not only more active but they also have less baggage. A recent survey showed that over 40% of middle-aged and older women who are single prefer to date younger men. Younger men who date older women have also admitted that they enjoy older women maturity. Unlike younger women who tend to play emotional games and use sex as a bargaining chip, older women know what they want. Studies show that older women are also more confident, a trait that many young men find irresistible. That explains why most younger men today are attracted to older ladies. However, dating a younger man is one thing and keeping him is another. The greatest challenge that most women who date younger guys face is keeping them. Recent research showed that only 5% of women who date younger men manage to establish a lasting relationship. So, what is the secret to date a younger man? In this article, we are going to give you tips on dating a younger man.

Just be yourself

One thing that most young men don’t like is being in a relationship with older women who are not real. If you are planning to date a younger man or if you are already dating one and you want to keep him, then you need to be yourself. Don’t hide your character just to please him. If you are not happy about something, just tell him straight to his face. Remember that although the guy is younger than you, he can easily know if you are faking it just to please him. Have your own opinions and don’t be afraid to share opposing ideas. Don’t be afraid to tell him that you don’t know how to cook certain foods. Also, don’t be afraid to stay without makeup. Younger men find older women who are real, very attractive.

Don’t be his mother, be his woman

Younger men don’t like it when older women who try to behave like their mothers. The fact that you are older than him does not mean that you should start giving him advice and direction as if he is a small kid. Men like to be men. This means that they like to be in control. The guy wants to see you as a woman, not his mother. Show him your feminine side. If there is something that you would like him to change, just talk to him in a nice way. Don’t scold him. Give him space to be a man. If you go to a restaurant, allow him to pay bills. If you constantly pay when you go out, then he will feel that he is not man enough. Allow him to take the lead role as a man. Don’t make all the crucial decisions in your relationship. Sometimes even if you don’t agree with him, just let his idea win the day to boost his ego as a man. This way, he will know that you respect him as a man and he will return the favor by giving you all his love and attention.

Take care of yourself

Self Love

The fact that you are older does not mean that you have to look old. Men are visual beings. This means that the way you look matters a lot. If you take good care of yourself, then you will not give him a reason to admire younger ladies. So, dress well, make your hair, wear makeup, exercise, eat healthy foods and take good care of your personal hygiene. If you take good care of yourself, then you will show the man that you are in control of your life. This way, you will show him that you value yourself. As a result, he will put all his eyes on you because he sees you as the most beautiful lady on the planet. Men like ladies who look good and sexy. It is an instant turn-on. He will always want to be around you. In fact, he will always look forward to holding you in his arms.

Be patient

Dating a younger man requires patience. In fact, one of the main reasons why many older ladies are not able to keep younger men is because they lack patience. There are many things that you will not agree on. However, that does not mean that he is not a good guy. Give him space to learn and change. If possible, guide him but don’t let it look like you are schooling him. Don’t get pissed off simply because he is not doing things the way you want him to. Sometimes he may do things that may look childish to you. However, just be patient with him. As they say, patience pays. With time, he will turn out to be that incredible man that you always wanted him to be.

Don’t try to look like women his age

This is a common mistake that many older women who are dating younger men make. The reason why he fell in love with you is because he liked you the way you are. Don’t try to behave or look like ladies his age. In fact, that will be an instant turn off. For instance, if you used to wear long sexy dresses, don’t start wearing short dresses in order to look younger. Accept the fact that you will never be his age. Act and behave like women your age, not his age. He probably dated you because he is attracted to your maturity and the way you do things. So, don’t change the way you do your things thinking that you will impress him more. You may end up pissing him.

Let him take control in bed

Let’s be real, men like to be in control in bed. Most older women want to be in control in bed because they think they have a more sexual experience. However, that is not a good idea. Let him be in control in bed. He may surprise you with his bedroom prowess. Younger men are believed to have more stamina in bed. On the other hand, older women are believed to have more experience. If you combine his stamina and your experience, then you will definitely have a memorable experience in bed. Sex is a very sensitive matter for men. The way you handle it will determine if you keep him or lose him. Don’t underestimate him just because he is younger than you. Allow him to take over. Show him that you believe in his ability. This will go a long way in boosting his ego. If he knows that you believe in his ability, he will do his best not to disappoint you. He will also stick with you because he knows that you trust and believe in his skills.

Be adventurous

adventurous couple

Just because you are older does not mean that you cannot be adventurous. Younger men are full of energy. Show him that you can keep up with his energy. Go for adventurous activities like rock climbing or hiking together. You can also surprise him by taking him out for a special date. The reason why many relationships break is that couples lack the creativity to spice things up. Be the kind of lady who can go out of his way to impress his man. Be active by engaging in activities that are fun and romantic. Don’t just sit in your house thinking that you are too old to do some things. Go out of your way and be adventurous. Show him that you also got the stamina to do things that younger people do.

Flirt with the guy

Most women think that flirting is only meant for men. However, that is not true. Multiple studies have shown that men also like flirting. In fact, flirting can make the man think about you all the time. Some women are born with this skill. However, there are some who need to practice in order to perfect the art of flirting. Whichever side you are, one thing that is evident is that young men like women who know how to flirt. Smile while looking straight into his eyes when he is talking to you to show him that you are listening to him. Show him your sexy thighs by wearing a sexy nightdress. Don’t be afraid of showing him what God has blessed you with. Men find women who know how to flirt irresistible. It is a simple but very effective technique that you can use to attract and keep and younger man.

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Be his greatest cheerleader

Be his greatest cheerleader

Just like ladies, men also need love, care, and attention. If you are in a relationship with a younger man then you need to be his greatest cheerleader. Give him your undying support and love on everything that he does. Encourage him and always be at his side even when things are not that fine. Show him that you genuinely care. Men love women who are loyal to them. Therefore, if you demonstrate to your younger man that you are his greatest cheerleader, then you will definitely keep him.

Love yourself

You attract exactly who you are. Don’t expect the guy to love you the way you want if you don’t love yourself. Lack of self-love is one of the main factors why people break up. If you want to date a younger man, then you must show him that you truly love yourself. If you believe that you are not worthy, then you will definitely struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with a younger man. Show the guy that you value yourself by putting your interest first. Younger men like women who are confident of themselves. Therefore, if you have been thinking that you are not good enough, then it is time to stop. Remember that the man that you are dating or interested in will not take you seriously if you don’t love yourself. If you have self-esteem or personality issues, then seek professional help.

Don’t engage in sex until you know him better

There are two types of men. Those who want to hit and run and those what to establish a serious relationship. If you want to establish a serious relationship with a younger man that you like so much, then you must show him that you value your body and self-dignity. Let him know that your cookie is out of bound until when you get to know him better. If you start engaging in sex just days after you have met, then you may send a wrong signal to the guy. To successfully date a younger man, then you must first invest in getting to know each other. The more you know each other, the greater the bond you will establish. Avoid engaging in sex until when both of you are comfortable with each other.

Be humble

Be humble in a relationship

Just because you are older than the guy does not mean that you need to have pride. Remember that pride comes before a fall. Men don’t like ladies who are not humble. Therefore, if you want to keep a younger man that you love and adore, then you must be humble. Don’t shout at him when he does something that does not impress you. Instead, take your time and inquire to know what made him do what he did. If you also make a mistake, accept to be corrected.


Keeping a younger man that you love and adore is not difficult as many ladies think. Just because you are older than him does not mean that you cannot keep him. In fact, those days when men used to consider age before a dating a woman are long gone. Age is just but a number. The most important thing that men usually consider when dating an older lady is their maturity, beauty, and confidence. If you follow all tips given above, then you will definitely keep that younger man that you love and adore.

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