9 Ways You Can Learn How to Flirt with a Girl

Flirting is not easy. Anyone who has had even the least experience with flirting with a member of the opposite sex knows this. Practice is what makes it easier and smoother with time.
If you get super anxious and always need your friend’s support before you have to approach a girl, then this article is for you. You should know that you are capable of performing well in front of your crush. That too, without any help.
As boys, you probably think too much about the consequences of approaching a girl. All kinds of scenarios probably play in your mind when you’re going to make the first move. Will she embarrass you? Will she say no? Several concerns make you question whether all this is worth it. These concerns are valid, but there is so much more that you need to focus on.
Flirting, when done wrong, can be a disastrous experience for both parties. It usually ends up being really awkward, and more often than not spoils any future shot that you may have. You do not want such an unpleasant experience. You want your flirting skills to give you a light, fun interaction along with a bundle of validation.
A right combination of smiley banter, witty comebacks, and slight sexual chemistry will do the trick. Get this combination right, and you’ll be able to flirt with just about anyone – even those that you think are out of your league.
Listed below are a few tips and tricks and things you should know if you want to improve your flirting game. With a good understanding of these ways, you’ll never have to feel nervous before talking to your crush.

What women want in a man

Words Are Not Enough

If you heavily depend on words during your conversations, then it is time to change that and focus on other things. Girls are good observers, so they tend to go with the vibe they get from boys who are flirting with them instead of only following what they say.
What you say in a conversation is important, but how you say it is just as important. In many cases, it can even be a deal breaker.
Your body language tells a lot about you. Without the right body language, you cannot flirt with ease. It has to feel natural and organic, instead of something forced. It only comes when your mind and body coordinate well.

Confidence Is Your Friend

Girls love it when the guy they are talking to is comfortable in his skin and is confident. It is a misconception that girls go for guys that simply look good. If you have charm and confidence, then even Brad Pitt has nothing on you.
Everything you say or do around a girl should reflect that you have a high level of self-esteem. You do not want to come off as someone who has no control over their life and personality. Remember, you want this girl to feel proud that she is with you. Confidence is not a trait that comes instantly. It takes time to develop. Give yourself that time and change your personality for all the right reasons.

Control Those Compliments

Learn to pace your compliments. Girls have strong intuition. Even before you approach a girl, she knows that you find her attractive. You do not want to give her what she wants right away. In doing so, you become too predictable for her.
Girls enjoy the company of guys that bring that unique element of surprise. It is better to time your compliments and to deliver them when she is least expecting them. You appear more interesting that way. It also ensures that you don’t end up looking a little too eager to please. You might even come off as desperate in such situations.
If you praise her consistently, she’ll know that she won’t have to make an effort to win you over. Always try to keep things interesting.

Good Eye Contact Can Take You Places

This is one of the most underrated secrets of good flirting. If you want to test your chemistry with a girl you like, observe what you feel when you make eye contact with her.
Eye contact is weird and uncomfortable to some, but it speaks volumes. The spark that you see in a girl’s eyes tells you a lot about how interested she is. With perfect eye contact and a lovely smile, flirting becomes oh-so-easy. Eye contact also shows that you’re comfortable around this girl and that you’re confident.

Focus on Quality Conversation

Small talk is great, but if that’s all you have to talk about, you’re going to run out of conversation topics really soon. Make sure to have quality conversations with her, or otherwise, she might lose interest in you. A good tip to coming up with topics for conversation is to focus on what she is saying.
Ask a lot of questions about her. Through this, you will get to know her better, and she will get the idea that you are interested in her. The second step involves a contribution from your side. Do not make her do all the talking. It is great to be a good listener, but you should also share stories from your life to build a connection. The last step involves you asking follow-up questions. If you follow these steps, the conversation that you can make with her will surely make an impression on her.

Do Not Forget to Have Fun

couple having fun together

You want to learn how to flirt with a girl so you both can have fun. To do that, you need to keep it light and simple. It essentially means do not bring heavy topics between you two unless you really have to do so.
The aim is to have a good time. Avoid stressful conversations and discussions on thoughts that keep you up at night. You are just getting to know the person you like, so it is better to keep it breezy.

Do Not Think You Are Better Than Her

A huge pet peeve of most girls is when guys try to portray that they are superior. A lot of guys make it seem as if they are doing the girl a favor by interacting with her.
You do not want to come across as a guy who has an attitude problem. Remember, it is about both of you, and not about a single person. The moment you start making things about yourself, you start threatening the other person, without any apparent action of yours.
Most guys forget the difference between being funny and being offensive. So, do not say things that will offend her. It is a huge turn-off.
Lastly, do not try to change her. You do not have the upper hand, especially when you are just on friendly terms with her. Flirt, have a good time, without trying to impose your beliefs.

Tease, Do Not Neg

We don’t know when negging became a popular way of flirting. It is something that might get her attention initially, but it doesn’t result in having a good time. You roast her thinking that you are making her laugh, but really, all you’re doing is making her feel self-conscious.
Instead of negging, you should engage in a bit of playful teasing with her. This is what will make her smile and laugh. You make light-hearted comments about her noticing you when you were not watching. Make her blush.
While doing this, make sure your body language conveys that you do not mean to offend her in any way. You can destroy a perfectly good pickup line with lousy execution.
Be mindful and do not overdo the teasing. Learn to balance your humor and affection.

Take the Lead

Boy, you need to take that risky first step. None of the stuff mentioned above can happen if you do not make a leap of faith and approach the girl you have been eyeing. You can imagine the story from the start towards the end and do nothing, or you can make it reach a fruitful end by interacting with her. The latter option is more liberating because it turns your imagination into reality.
Even when it comes to planning a date, do everything that you need to do. Do not make it one of those plans that go nowhere because you are too insistent on this girl deciding everything.
Try to surprise her by making her visit unique places that she has not been to before. You want her to remember you, so give her something that she can hold on to.
By getting a grip on all these skills, you can make flirting exciting for yourself and the other person. Apart from the ways mentioned above, it is crucial for you to read between the lines. Girls do not tell you everything, but they surely drop a lot of hints. Try noticing those, and you will learn a great deal.
Say no to embarrassing flirting experiences because you deserve to have a good time with the girl you find attractive. Life is too short not to chill and relax. You have now learned how to flirt with a girl, and there is nothing that can stop you. So, go on! Approach that girl you’ve been thinking of and have a great time!