Flirting is an incredible way to attract a man. Some ladies are naturally smart when it comes to flirting while others struggle a lot. Flirting is not only fun but is it is also a good way to widening your social circle. Multiple studies have also shown that flirting can help boost self-esteem and confidence. When you flirt with a guy and the guy responds well, your self-esteem and confidence will get an instant boost. This is because you will feel attractive and wanted. Just because you were not born with this skill does not mean that you cannot learn it. Learning how to flirt with a guy is a skill that can be learned and perfected with time. So do you want to flirt with a guy but you are wondering where to start or what to do? If yes, then today you have clicked the right page. In this article, we are going to give you well researched and proven tips on how to flirt with a guy

Make eye contact


Making eye contact when flirting with a guy is very important especially when he is talking. It shows that you are interested to know what he is talking about. In some instance, you can repeat what he has just said. This will demonstrate that you are keenly listening to his conversations. If you want to capture the attention of a guy when flirting, you must show him that you are happy and comfortable around him. You can demonstrate this by looking into his eye when he is taking.

Also, ask questions and make facial expressions such as nodding and smiling to show that you are enjoying the conversation. Maintaining eye contact when the guy is speaking will give him much-needed confidence because he knows that you are enjoying the conversation. Look directly into his eyes until he notices. When he sees you, hold on for a while then smile before looking away. This will melt his heart.

Be a good listener

We cannot run away from the fact that ladies like to talk a lot. There is nothing bad in talking. However, you must also give the guy a chance to talk. Remember that communication is a two-way thing. If you talk without giving him a chance, then you will be talking to yourself. One thing about how to flirt with a guy is being a good listener. When you give him a chance to talk and listen keenly, he will feel comfortable and hence open up. Ask questions when necessary and give him time to respond. Also, repeat some of the things that he has just said to show that you are following the conversation. There are two types of listening. They include listening to understand and listening to respond. When you listen to respond, you are actually not listening but just waiting for your turn to jump in to make your comments. On the other hand, listening to understand means that you are listening to what the guy is saying attentively. Guys like women who listen to understand. It shows that you are enjoying the conversation.


Body Language Matters

Multiple studies have shown that a smile makes people more beautiful and attractive. If you are confident of your smile, use it to your advantage. A good smile will make you more approachable. It will also make you look friendly, a factor that will make the guy feel confident and comfortable when approaching and talking to you. When you smile a lot, the first impression that will come into his mind that is you are a fun person to hang out with. It will also show that you are generally a happy person. Smile both when he is talking and when you are talking to him. Laugh at his jokes even if they are not so funny. It will help boost his ego. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Don’t make it look like you are trying too hard to impress him. Only smile when it is necessary to make the smile look genuine. Men like women who are full of good energy and positivity. Therefore, smile a lot and always say thank you when he compliments your beautiful smile.

Compliment him

This is a very important tip on how to flirt with a guy that most women overlook. Just like ladies, men also love compliments. Let him know if you like his shoes. It will boost his ego. Unlike women who have friends and family members who complement their look before they go out, men don’t have this luxury. It is very difficult to find a man complimenting his fellow man’s looks. Therefore, when you compliment him, he will feel special and appreciated. Avoid making general compliments. Instead, be specific when complimenting something about him. For instance, if you like his shoes, you can say, wow, I really like your shoes, they bring out your bold and confident look. Where you did you buy them? However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Just one or two complements are enough.

Let your body language do the talk

body language

One powerful thing that you have as a lady is your body language. If you use it well, then you will completely capture the attention of the guy that you are flirting with. Some of the powerful assets that you can take advantage of include your lips, hair, and smile. Smile a lot when the guy is talking to you. Guys never get is enough of a beautiful smile. Men also like it when you run your hands in your hair. This move not only shows your sexy side but it also demonstrates your confidence. Also, draw his attention to your lips by biting them regularly. Men really go insane with this flirting technique.

Make the first move

It is often believed that men should make the first move. Yes, that is usually the case with most guys. However, if you are interested in a guy and he is not making any move, then you need to step up and make the first move. Some men shy away from approaching girls. If he has clearly shown interest but he is not making the move, then you don’t have to wait because he will probably not make the move. Step up and ask him out to see how he will respond. After all, you have nothing to lose when you ask him out. Multiple studies have shown that men really enjoy when a lady ask them out. It is a huge turn on.

Show him that you genuinely care

One thing about men is that they can quickly notice when ladies show genuine care of if they are just taking them for a ride. The best way to show that you really care is by listening keenly when he is talking to you. When you give him undivided attention when he is talking, then you will boost his ego. He will feel like he is the most important person in the world. He will feel special and will want to talk to you even more. Show that you care by asking him questions about his life. However, you should only ask general questions so that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable. For instance, if you don’t understand what his career is all about, you can ask him to explain further. Give him time to speak and ask follow up questions if necessary to show that you are interested to know more about him. Don’t jump in immediately when he is done talking. Instead, pause for a while to see if he is really done before you start talking.

Playful touches can do the magic

Making playful touches will make the guy feel comfortable around you. It is a flirting technique that has worked for many ladies. It will make the guy develop interest with you. Every time you touch him on his knees, shoulder or arms, he will feel more comfortable and will open up more to you. Also, lean towards him occasionally to show that you enjoy being around him. If you want the guy to look forward to meeting with you again, then you must know how to touch him and when to touch when flirting. However, the touch should be playful and casual.

Be confident

confident woman

Guys like confident ladies. Confidence not only shows that you have high self-esteem but it also shows that you know what you want. It does not really matter how much you try to impress a guy when flirting. If you are not confident, then you will most likely not capture his attention. Confidence can be demonstrated in many ways. First, you need to be relaxed and composed when flirting with him. You also need to maintain eye contact. Most men don’t like women who constantly look down when flirting. So be confident when flirting with a guy.

Don’t be readily available

Flirting is all about being mysterious. Don’t make it easy for the guy to predict your next move. Some ladies are fond of sharing everything when flirting with a guy. However, that is not a good move. Don’t tell him everything about you. Also, don’t be available for him all the time. Let him also work hard to know more about you or spend time with you. For instance, when a guy asks you out tonight, don’t just say yes, tell him that you are busy today maybe next week. Flirting is all about letting the guy develop interest with you and that can only happen if you don’t make yourself readily available.

Ask questions

Guys love being asked questions. It is a flirting technique that really works. It shows that you love his company and you would like to know more about him and also shows that you are listening to what he is saying. Listen to him keenly when he is talking and ask follow up questions. For instance, if you are discussing relationship, you can ask him, What type of a lady and you looking for? Asking questions will not only make the conversation spicier but it also helps you to know the person that you are talking to better. However, you should avoid asking awkward questions that make him uncomfortable.

Ask for help

Are you in need of help? Yes, then you should call the guy that you are flirting with. Naturally, mean like to help. That is just how they were created. If you ask for help, he will do all he can just to make sure that he assist you. So how does seeking help and flirting relate? When you ask help from a guy and he actually goes ahead and assists you, he will feel good about himself. He will also feel comfortable being around you and that will make it easy for you to flirt with him.

Dress well

How to Approach a Girl

You can only flirt with a person that you are attracted to. The way you have dressed can be an instant turn on or turn off. Men are highly visual creatures and are highly attracted to women who look smart. Dressing well is an instant turn on and will set the right mood. Dressing well does not means that you have to wear something that exposes most parts of your body. It means wearing something that you are confident with. Something that accentuates the best parts of your body. Dressing well will also boost your confidence when flirting with the guy.

In conclusion,

if you really like a guy and you want to flirt with him but you are wondering how to start then today you have all the tips that you are looking for. How to flirt with a guy is not difficult as many ladies think. You only need to believe in yourself and practice. Remember that flirting is a fun way of hanging out with people that you like and interested to know more about them, it is not dating. You should therefore not take things seriously when flirting. Don’t have too many expectations because you might get disappointed. Just let things flow. If your flirting leads to something else in the future, then good for both of you but at the moment, your main goal should be to have fun.