So you have been dating your man for a while now, and things are progressing pretty well. You love each other, and with no doubt, you wish to have a great future with him. You know he loves you because he reminds you that every day. But now you feel like your relationship has come to a standstill. You are ready to progress to the next step of marriage, but your boyfriend gives it a deaf ear every time you raise the topic. Sometimes, even very often, it is no easy task to get a man to marry you. So if this is your current situation, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Getting your man to commit fully can be tough. Convincing him by word of mouth is not enough. It calls for more action and psychological tricks to light a fire under your guy’s tush. There are a variety of tips that you can use to solidify your relationship and get the man to ask you for marriage. You have to make him see in you the potential of a good wife. So, how will you do that? Here are 11 tips on how to get a man to marry you.

Taking care of him

Have an Active Sex Life

Caring for your man is one of the easiest ways to make him marry you. There are various ways in which you can take care of your man. You can show that you care by doing little things such as doing his laundry, cooking for him, or being there for emotional support. Wash his clothes and cook his favorite dishes. Those small things usually matter a lot. Your guy will always feel that you are there for him, and he can’t live without you.

If you are already sexually engaged, you can also make him feel desirable and attractive by physically satisfying his sexual needs. If he is emotionally disturbed, be there to listen to him. Show him that it’s okay to open up to you and that he can trust you with his problems. Most men do not ask for a lot. They only need a shoulder to lean on and a place to open up their hearts. If you become an emotional anchor to your man, he will grow fond of you and will never want to lose you.

Respect your man

If you want to get your man to marry you, you need to respect him. The man’s greatest desire is to feel respected by his woman. Respect his judgment. A man needs his woman to show respect for his decisions, opinions, and knowledge. Most men do not like it when you question their experience or argue with them in decision making.

Respect your man’s abilities. Most men want to figure out things by themselves. Trying to help will sound like distrust to him and that you have no confidence in his abilities. Always leave him to solve the problem even if you have the solution at hand. If you show that you have confidence in him with small things, he will feel that you can trust him with bigger responsibilities in the future.

Most importantly, respect your guy in public. The most painful thing you can do to your man is to criticize him in public. Never question your man’s judgment or humiliate him in front of others. Supporting him in the presence of his friends is the least he expects from you. Even in his absence, be respectful. It makes the others respect him too.

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Appreciate him

Appreciate him

Nothing makes a man proud than an appreciative woman. Always be thankful for everything he does for you. Never show him that his efforts are worthless. For example, if you are dissatisfied with something he buys for you, don’t complain or show dissatisfaction. Instead, appreciate his effort no matter how small it seems. Rolling the word, thank you from your mouth means everything to your man.

Again, learn to compliment him. Most people assume that guys are more secure or hardly care about their looks. That’s not true. Men also want to be told how good and attractive they look. Compliment him when he dresses up or has a new haircut. He will feel you appreciate him, and you are proud of him.

You can also appreciate your man by getting him something he likes. Men also love gifts and surprises, even if they are simple. Get him a pair of socks or a watch. It will mean a lot to him, and he will know you are always thinking about him. These small things will push your man’s desire to marry you.

Take care of yourself

Men want women who can take care of themselves. If you want your man to marry you, begin by taking care of yourself first. Being able to take good care of yourself means that you can be able to take care of your family. Caring for yourself may revolve around many aspects. For instance, your glooming, your hygiene, feeding habits, or how you handle your emotions. It means loving yourself first before giving another person a chance to love you. Work on your self-esteem and start believing in yourself.

Self-care is critical for your physical as well as mental health. You have to make yourself visually attractive in front of your man. So, look great and sexy, smell good and wear nicely. Get yourself a good hairstyle and keep your nails organized and beautiful. All this will only happen if you take care of yourself. No man would want to marry a woman who is unhygienic or doesn’t know how to gloom nicely.

Any man wants to marry a woman who can think straight. So, take good care of your mental health as well. Learn how to cope with your stress and know ways to quiet your mind. You can do so by taking nature walks, writing journals, or relaxation exercises. Good mental health can be an added advantage to your relationship. When you keep good mental health, you avoid emotional issues and focus on more important things. Thus, this will show your man that you are a focused woman.

Be his number one fan

Being his biggest fan is one of the greatest ideas on how to get a man to marry you. Whatever he wants to achieve, be his cheerleader. Encourage his passion and support his ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem. Always be there to tell him how great he is doing and encourage him to proceed with his objectives. Show him that you believe in his aspirations. If he realizes that your contribution and encouragement have gotten him this far, you will always have a special place in his heart.

Every man expects his girl to be his first supporter, best friend, and his biggest fan. Sometimes he can do the impossible simply because of your encouragement. If he fails, don’t criticize him or show him he is a failure. Let him see that you are with him in every step of the way. Don’t forget to pray for him and build him with biblical scriptures. Give him some advice where you can and if he succeeds, be the first one to congratulate him. He will feel that you are happy about his achievements and that you appreciate his hard work. Therefore this will always push him to take on more challenging projects.

Be affectionate

We all wish to have a partner who is always showing physical affection. We want to be held, kissed, or have fun with the people that mean the world to us. Your man is not an exception. He also wishes to see these sensual touches and other romantic gestures regularly. Don’t be afraid to hold his hands or hug him even in public. Be affectionate and remind him how much you love him and how much he means to you.

Showing affection increases the feeling of trust, compassion, and generosity while reducing anxiety and fear. It strengthens your connection and makes your relationship more solid. Affection can be verbal or non-verbal. Verbal affection entails telling your man sweet words such as how nice he looks, to validate your positive feelings towards him. On the other hand, non-verbal affection includes bodily actions that bring comfort and a sense of intimacy. Such measures include; kissing, massaging, hugging, holding, or caressing him.
If your goal is to get a man to marry you, affection is a must-have catalyst in your relationship. The degree of affection you get from your counterpart determines the level of commitment and satisfaction. So, the more you show affection, the more he will get committed to your relationship.
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Be loyal

If you want him to marry you, you have to show your devotion to him. Let your relationship be your priority. Well, you don’t have to drop everything in your life for your relationship. However, there are things you can do to show him that you are committed to your relationship. Every man wants a loyal wife. So, take this step seriously to show him that you are worthy of him.

Loyalty is the root of creating an everlasting bond with your loved one. It increases connection and love that every couple dreams of having. Being loyal means putting your partner first before your friends. You have to be more concerned about your man more than you do with your friends. Being loyal means keeping your word, which means being reliable and honoring your promises. Being loyal means, you can side with your man even if he partially faults. It also means respecting his weaknesses, appreciating his sweetness, and helping him compensate for his flaws.
If you are loyal in your relationship, you can expect the same to come from your partner. Once you make him loyal to you, then you have won your mission. Loyalty creates security by making your partner at ease, especially when you are away from him.

Don’t pressure him

Dont pressure him

If you want him to marry you, don’t put a lot of pressure on him. Men don’t like women who give them mental stress all the time. Always go easy on him. Don’t ask a lot from him. He may regard you as a burden rather than a partner. Avoid pushing him to make decisions that he is not ready or comfortable to make. Instead, learn to give him space and time. Avoid making too many demands and try to sort some of your problems by yourself.

If you are unhappy with your partner, avoid being rude or using offensive language. Learn to solve issues coherently without fights or insults. If he faces failure or a downfall, don’t pressurize him to produce positive results. Let him know that you understand and you support him in all the ladders of life. Your man only needs peace and support from you. After all, we all seek to love to get comfort and affection. The last thing your man would want is pressure and stress from your relationship. Respect him, love him, and be there when he needs you. That will be the beginning of his desire to marry you.

To avoid any possibility of pressure in your relationship, you have to straighten your communication with your partner. Avoid blaming comments and always listen to what each other has to say. Don’t be quick to judge without getting all the information about what is going on in his life. Let him see you as moral support instead of a liability.

Be hardworking

Be hardworking

In the current century, men also want financially independent women. You don’t have to always rely on him to pay your bills. Instead, go out there and work hard for your cash, and prove to him that you can also bring bread to the table. A man desires a lady who can take care of the family even in his absence. Beauty and hard work are common factors, do not think that because you are physically appealing, your man will marry you for that. He also wants you to be intelligent and smart. He wants a woman with a vision to grow both financially and socially.

Therefore, if you want to get a man to marry you, you need to get a job. If you can’t get one, don’t sit around all day waiting for him to provide everything. Come up with a business idea, no matter how small it is. That is enough to make him proud of you, and he will be willing to support and finance your business. This action will prove to him that you are an ambitious woman who is not behind his money but wants to grow and build a great future with him.

Be a submissive woman

Be a submissive woman

One of the easiest ways on how to get a man to marry you is by being submissive to him. You have to acknowledge that he is in power and always obey him. From the beginning, the man is the head of the family, and it is essential to submit to his authority and leadership.

If you feel like you are not submissive enough, you can try to experiment it without telling him. Welcome him with physical greetings, a hug, and a kiss after a long day. Let him be your hero, to solve your problems and protect you  — men like it when they are in control. Always look beautiful for him when you are around the house. Most women want to put their make-up and fancy dresses while going out and not when they are indoors. Your man will be happy to come home to his beautiful woman. So, maintain your look in and outside the house.

Always care for his wishes, and whenever you face a misunderstanding, it’s better to cry instead of yelling at him  — submissiveness results in low rates of infidelity, lesser chances of break-ups, and a peaceful environment. Your man will want to marry a woman that will only bring peace and happiness to his home.

Be fun

Fun may sound too basic in any relationship, but it’s a very critical factor in a relationship. Don’t be a boring girlfriend. Be funny and look for exciting things to keep both of you happy. Making fun makes a relationship happier and stronger. It is okay to be silly and tease your boyfriend. Joke around with funny nicknames, crazy selfies, and playful teasing. Life is too short to act too serious. If your boyfriend asks you out to a movie or a game, don’t give excuses as to why you cannot accompany him. Devote your time, go out, and have fun together. It is healthy for your relationship. He will become fond of you and eventually ask you to marry him.



All in all, convincing a man to marry you is not an easy task. Men are afraid of commitment and want to be sure that you are the right girl for them. So, it’s your role to ensure that he sees you as a perfect marriage partner. You don’t have to talk to him about marrying you directly. However, your actions are enough to motivate him. If he seems to be reluctant of committing to a marriage, make use of the above tactics on how to get a man to marry you. They will undoubtedly ignite a fire in him and ask you for a hand in marriage.

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