Non-verbal cues can be pretty frustrating, how to know if Someone Likes You? It’s not always easy to know how someone feels about you based on how they act, and the trouble only compounds when feelings of attraction are added to the mix. You may want to ask someone out, but have no way of knowing whether they reciprocate your attraction or not. So what do you do?  Chicken out because you’re afraid they’ll say no? Well, it’s always best to ask the other person out so you can be absolutely sure of how they feel. But there are a few signs you should be on the lookout for if you’re trying to determine how the person feels about you and figure out. Let’s take a look.



This refers to subtle mimicry or copying of someone else’s verbal and non-verbal communication. Research shows that this sort of subtle mimicry can be an indicator of attraction. So if someone mirrors the way you’re crossing your legs or shrugs when you shrug, it could be a sign of physical attraction. So what’s the science behind this? Well, mirroring can establish a sort of rapport. If you agree with someone, you’re likely to mimic their body language in order to express your agreement, and people who like you will tend to agree with you a lot. Mirroring helps establish whether the other person likes you or not, since it sends a subconscious signal to the person being mirrored, telling them that they like you, and thus you’re likelier to like them back.

It’s a great test to see the other person’s level of interest in you. Here’s what you should do: mirror the body position of the person you think might be attracted to you. Later in the conversation, change your position slightly. If the person quickly mirrors your shift, there’s a good chance they like you! Similarly, check for signs like them facing you with their entire body, which is known as fronting, and is a good sign they’re into you. What about their verbal conversation? Are they using the same words as you, or the same cadence as you? Are they seated in the same position as you, and do they laugh as soon as you do? Try out the test and you might be surprised at the results!

Light touches

Another good way to know if someone likes you. Well when someone likes you, they’ll find any excuse to touch you or to maintain some sort of physical contact with you. People will often touch the person that they’re into and even make up elaborate ruses to do so. For example, they may try playing games that involve holding or touching hands (so if someone offers to read your palm for you, it could indicate attraction). In the office space, they may take routes close to you when they’re walking towards the cooler, even if they could have gone a different way.

Or they may lightly touch your arm, or engage in playful physical activities. Here’s something you should watch out for: preening. If they straighten a crooked tie or pick lint off your clothes, it could be a subtle indicator of their attraction to you. Remember, however, that none of this is inviting you to a sexual encounter; it just means that the other person might like you.

Proximity to You

Proximity to You


Here’s another nifty trick that’s related to the one above see how much physical space there tends to be within the two of you when you interact. The space between two people when they’re in the same environment says a lot about the relationship between them. As we mentioned earlier, people who like you will often try to be in the same vicinity as you, even if it puts them out a little. So they’ll go to events and parties that you attend, or find excuses for group activities that involve you. In the same vein, people who have a crush on you will tend to remove any obstacles or barriers between them. These barriers could be little things like cushions or cups, or stacks of books, or purses or magazines.

People who don’t know or don’t like each other tend to consciously or sub-consciously place such barriers between each other. Think about any subway rides you’ve been on: you’ve probably placed your coat on the seat next to you in order to avoid any conversation with the person sitting beside it. You can use this knowledge to find out if the other person likes you using a glass or cup of water. Does the person you’re with place their water between the two of you? If so, it can indicate that there’s not enough rapport between the two of you. However, if the person places it to the side and thus eliminates any barriers between you two, there’s a good chance they like you.

Eye Contact

eye contact flirtingNow, this is a little bit tricky, because it really depends on the personality of the other person. Generally speaking, people like looking at the people they like, and they don’t look at the ones they don’t. So people crushing on you are likelier to make and maintain eye contact with you. This might have something to do with oxytocin, a chemical that provides a sense of well-being and increases eye contact, which results in attraction.

Another thing you’ll want to watch out for is pupil dilation. You know all those teen romances you might have read as a kid? They’d always talk about pupils dilating when you’re talking to someone you like. Well, the science is in, and yes, when someone likes you, their oxytocin levels increase, which also causes their pupils to dilate, and thus is an indicator of interest. The more the dilation, the greater the level of attraction.

So watch out for people who maintain eye contact with you. However, as we said, this also depends on the personality of the person who might like you. Shyer people have a harder time maintaining eye contact, and if they like you, they may get awkward around you and have trouble even looking at you.

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