Do you wonder why some of your girlfriends always have guys running after them? If this feeling is unknown to you, then you are doing a few things wrong. It is the reason why your love life is not as happening as your friends’ love lives.
Not every man likes the chase in love, but most men do. For men, the chase sustains the attraction level over time. When men feel that there is no chase, they start to lose interest. It is one of the most common reasons why most couples do not have the spark in their relationship after a few months or years.
Both men and women love the chase, but speaking to all the men out there – you have to admit that you like it more. Through the entire process of running after you, your guy will realize that it was his charisma and skills that let him win you over any other.
There is a difference between playing hard to get and making him chase you. Here are a few tips and tricks that will make sure that you have your guy’s attention at all times. All these tips tell you to work on yourself and make yourself more interesting.

– Have an Exciting Life


This is a piece of lifestyle advice that will do wonders for you in many aspects of life. You do not want to be known as the boring girl he met at a party. Or to be remembered as someone who has unique interests and lives a life full of passion. You want to leave your mark on his life through your persona.
Your guy wants to be part of your life. If it is a dull one, then there is no pay off for him. Both partners should have individual experiences that ignite them and makes them feel fabulous about each other.
Physical attraction cannot take your chemistry with your partner beyond a certain level. This is why you need other things that help you build a connection that is not solely based on physical attraction.
The world puts a lot of emphasis on girls being pretty. There is almost no focus on encouraging girls to be confident. Your man should feel lucky to have you in his life and not the other way around.
To live an exciting life, you need to focus on getting more exposure and experiences.

– Being Single Is Great


If you are someone who cannot be single, then it is high time to reevaluate your choices.
Being single is not a curse. It is an experience that you owe to yourself. There is a lot of pressure to be committed and live a life with your partner, but that is what leads to the most damage.
Jumping into commitments you are unsure of is one of the things that you should avoid doing.
Take your sweet time and learn to enjoy your life without a partner.
Being single is an empowering feeling. It allows you to have a different perspective on life. You focus on yourself instead of your partner. Often times, being a relationship affects your identity. Their likes and dislikes become yours without you realizing it.
After you give yourself time and have a good idea of who you are, you can find the perfect match for yourself. Through this approach, you will not have to settle for a person who does not compliment your mentality.
Men seem more interested in women who know what they are, instead of changing according to their partner. They will never admit this, but now you know better.

– You Deserve Love

Your self-esteem issues are between you and your love life. They are the reason why you accept treatment that you do not deserve.
Your thought process tells you that this is the best you could do, and you listen to it. You rarely try to fight it and refuse to think that you are better than this.
If this is the case, then you need to raise your standards.
By adopting this approach, you control the butterflies in your belly and see how your partner responds to your demands. Through this, you are giving him a chance to prove himself. Some guys pass this test with flying colors and some struggle. This process increases their interest in you.

– Say No to Boyfriend Benefits

There are times when you do not realize that you are being too available for someone who has not committed to you. It is time to draw the line! Your crush or possible future boyfriend will not want to take things further if you have already given him everything he could get if he was in a relationship with you.
No, we are not just talking about sex. There are other valuable things like your attention that men need in their life.
With your care, you also make them feel secure that they will come first before anyone else. This should not be the case if you are not committed to someone. The boyfriend benefits should be for your boyfriend alone.

– Be sexy

Being sexy doesn’t mean you have to dress like someone you’re not. And it doesn’t mean you should wear less clothing 🙂
But you can amp up your sexiness by enhancing features that you naturally have.
Being sexy is also having some sense of humor, to be funny, everyone loves a good sense of humor.

When you having a conversation with men or anyone for that matter, never stop staring into their eyes. Always Make Eyes Contact. None only it will boost your own confidence, but it’ll get people to see you as confident and in control. And guys love confident women, they find this attractive and sexy.

– Respect Yourself

If you have to sacrifice your respect while dealing with him, then it is not worth it. You should not feel inferior to anyone. You have built a life that makes you happy. Why do you want to have someone who makes you compromise on that?
By respecting yourself, you will make a guy understand that you are not for them. All men who treat you poorly will no longer surround you because they know that there is no place for them in your life. Other men who recognize this trait of yours will chase you and will do everything to be in your life.

Follow these tips if you want to know how to make him chase you. With these tips, you will become a more confident person who values themselves before anyone else. You are irresistible now!

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