Life is a funny thing. One day you feel like you are on top of the world and the next you may feel like you have hit rock bottom. The point is that you can never be fully happy or extremely sad all the time. However, the search for happiness must be continued as every person in this world deserves to be happy.
Speaking of happiness, one of the most joyous moments of your life happens when you are in a relationship with a person. It is a natural human instinct to look for a partner that you want to spend your life with. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Apparently, there is a term being thrown around quite a lot nowadays, and that term is ‘ghosting’.

How-to-React-after-Finding-out-That-You-Have-Been-GhostedIf you haven’t heard about it, then ghosting is a modern term that is used when you are completely ignored by the person who is involved in a romantic relationship with you. If the person you are seeing stops texting/calling you and ignores you completely if you try to contact them, then you are being ‘ghosted’ by them.

It is definitely one of the worst feelings in the world and can leave a person devastated. However, if you have ever been ghosted or are being ghosted at this moment, then the reactions mentioned below will certainly help you a lot in getting over it.

Confirm First That You Actually Are Being Ghosted

Before you lose all your marbles, first confirm the fact that you are actually being ghosted. Most of the relationships end due to small misunderstandings between the couples. Therefore, you need to determine why the person that you like started ignoring you all of a sudden. Make sure that they are not having some kind of family emergency or any personal disaster. Ask their friends or family members to confirm their situation and whereabouts. After confirming that you are actually being ghosted, you can follow the reaction list coming ahead.

Call Them Out On It

Call Them Out On It

After confirming the fact that you are actually being ghosted by the person you cared about so much, let them know that you have finally realized. Deliver the final messages through email, text, Facebook, or whatever your preferred platform is. Tell them that you know clearly about being ghosted by them, and they should never contact you again.

Never Call/Text Them

After calling them out, it is better to delete them from your contact list. It might be a bit hard to do so, but you have to do it if you plan to move forward. It doesn’t matter how much you miss them, you must not contact them at all. At first, it will hurt a lot,  but you will surely get over it after some time.

Delete Everything That Reminds You about Them

We are living in a modern world where data is literally stored in our pockets. The digital journals, a.k.a smartphones, can store thousands of text messages and photos nowadays, and surely you will have a lot of them with the person who has just ghosted you. Make sure you delete each and everything that reminds you about them. Block them from social media platforms so that you don’t have to see their face again. Also, get rid of every physical gift that person ever gave you.

Don’t Rant or Share Sad Statuses on Social Media

Being ghosted will certainly make you extremely angry and sad. You need to keep your emotions in control and don’t let the whole world know what you are going through. Most people would go on angry rants on social media or start sharing sad stories or songs to display their sorrow. This kind of reaction will only make you look like you are begging for pity, and pity is for losers. If you can’t stop the urge, then simply stay away from social media for a while to cool things down a bit.

Never Go Back To Them If They Comeback Calling

Don't look back you aren't going that way

There is a chance that the person who brutally ghosted you will try to get you back all of a sudden. Although it might tempt you a little bit to give them a second chance, you should never do that. A relationship that ended in such a bad way should not be trusted again. That person does not care about you at all. They are only coming back to you because of lust or some other reason. So, shut them off immediately!

Be Grateful That It Is Over

Instead of getting angry or crying in bed, be grateful that it is finally over. The person who you think was the one for you finally showed their real face. It is better now than later. Therefore, you should be grateful that the whole drama is over and you can move on with your life.

Stop blaming yourself

Unless you killed their dog or throw their PlayStation out the window, then you can’t fault yourself for their behavior. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out what you could have done differently, what you did wrong or anything that puts the blame on you. You need to learn to accept what you can’t change and focus on changing what you can. At this point, the best thing you can do is to move on and never look back.

Get Back In the Game

Get Back In the Game
The phrase “there is plenty of fish in the sea” is definitely true. The person who ghosted you certainly wasn’t the one for you and they didn’t deserve you at all. Therefore, start it all over again. Try going out again and meet new people. There are plenty of good people out there in the world who will treat you like gold. So, go out and enjoy your life while you search for “the one”.

Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest

Ghosting can leave you absolutely devastated. However, you should never let it rob you of your joy. Start hanging out with your friends and start doing the stuff that you used to when you were single. Occupy your time with fun activities. Find a good TV show or start reading a novel. Do whatever it takes to move on from the sad ending until you start enjoying your life to the fullest while being single. Of course, if you meet a new person in between all of that, then you should definitely give it a try.