Doesn’t it feel like a dream to be in a sacred relationship like marriage with the person you adore and love? But at the same time do you often feel and fear that someday you might wake up from this beautiful dream—realizing that the spark, magic, and intensity are all gone out the window and that complaining, blaming and putting each other down is the daily norm?

Well, then this post is a must read for you as we share the best and proven relationship advice for couples to re-ignite fire, passion, and love to nurture a healthy and happy relationship. Before we get started, there is one thing every couple must understand and that is “coupling up may be complex but the rules for making it last and work are not.” The purpose of sharing this is that a little effort goes a long way. Be the one to make things right instead of blaming or expecting your better half to fix your relationship.
The natural course of matrimony is downstream, but if you are ready to paddle against the current then here are some relationship advice for you:

Stop being jealous

jealous woman

This one should be considered as very important Relationship advice for you. You have to Break Free From Your Jealousy! Jealousy is a relationships killer.
It’s a very negative and bad feeling and should be avoided as much as possible. When you act possessive with your partner, they feel it. You must remember that they are not your property, and you shouldn’t want them to be. Jealousy usually comes from a lack of self-confidence. jealousy can cause you to behave like crazy, do and say things that you will probably regret later.
If you feel that you are a jealous person, don’t worry, this is not something that cannot be worked out.
You should first develop your self-confidence. Take a look at our 10 tips for improving your self-confidence, these tips will definitely help you.

Ease the Tension

Cut the unspoken tension between the two of you by saying positive things to your partner. Start by passing at least 2 or 4 compliments particularly speaking about your partner’s specifics, such as what you admire and love about them. For example ‘I love your sense of humor. You were so funny last night at the party’.

Stop Being a Critic

It’s true that criticism on some occasions, especially at the early stage of a blossoming relationship feels good and constructive. But you really need to stop being a critic at all times, especially after tying the knot. Couples must learn to appreciate the good and the bad. Remember that to nurture a healthy relationship that lasts, judge less and admire more! Appreciate each other more the way they are.
When you criticize less and appreciate more, you will unconsciously be able to help your partner be the best version of themselves by building their self-esteem and self-worth. So, be mindful of being critical of your partner each and every time they do something that you don’t like. It will be hard initially but if you aim to tune it down and make your partner feel great about themselves, you will soon be able to see the positive impact of this act on your relationship.

Do Fun Things Together



Sometimes, living together under one roof can zap the fun out of your life as a couple. As you get occupied with household chores and work life, you hardly get to spend time with each other. So, don’t let this happen!
Plan fun movie nights with your beloved or volunteer together to spend quality time with each other. You can even try coming up with other fun things that you both genuinely enjoy doing together, such as taking a spontaneous road trip. Keep the spontaneity alive in your relationship so that things don’t become boring.

Communicate and Express Your Love Physically

As the relationship matures, physical contact may decrease. Although this is something natural, it can occur as the couple grows apart. Therefore, it is extremely important to communicate and express your emotions, love, and feelings physically, as often as you can.
Say ‘yes’ to sex even when you’re not 100% in the mood. Spice things up with foreplay, sexy texting, and by trying new things in the bedroom. All this is important to strengthen your bond with your better half and keep the flame burning.

Learn to Say Thank You and Sorry

We often take our better half for granted without realizing it. And that’s when things start to go wrong. This brings us to our next relationship advice and that is to say ‘thank you’ often whenever your partner does something for you, even for the smallest of things like making coffee or doing the laundry. These two simple words ‘thank you’ can make a huge difference. It will make your beloved feel appreciated and not taken for granted. Likewise, don’t wait for an apology after a fight; be the bigger person and say sorry first instead. Saying sorry, even when you know that it wasn’t your fault, can help defuse tension between you two and show how much you care for the other person.

Validate Each Other


Validation is important to nurture a healthy relationship because it provides the emotional security that couples need to feel happy and safe. The best way to do this is to listen to your partner when they are in distress without the urge of fixing, evaluating or solving things.
Remember that no feelings are invalid. Even if you disagree with the point of view of your partner, you don’t always have to say it out loud. Learn to control it and give them a chance to talk. Just validate them by saying ‘I hear you’, ‘I know how you feel’, ‘I can imagine how hard it must be for you’, or ‘ I understand why you feel this way’.
If you validate them unconditionally, they will know that you’re a safe ally and on their side. And let’s just say that this can work wonders when it comes to establishing a happy and secure relationship.

Let Go of Perfection

To stay happy, couples need to let go of perfection. By this we mean stop having unrealistic expectations from your partner. Such expectations can be toxic and destroy a growing relationship. It is advisable to leave space for imperfection and don’t think that all of your needs will be fulfilled all the time and to your expectations. Find happiness in imperfection because if things and people are perfect, won’t it be boring?