No matter how lackadaisical you are too many things, your bedroom requires proper attention. You need to make sure that things haven’t turned sour between your partner. Even if it has gone bad, it can still be corrected.  There are several questions you could help in spicing up things. You don’t just make up these questions, you have to make thorough research on it. The focus here is to avoid boring questions.

1. What’s your favorite position?

In between talks or while having lunch, you can send it as an SMS to your partner. When he or she gets it, the feeling hits differently. They may decide to text back telling you to come to the room to find out which one is their favorite position. A random text like that puts a smile on the face of your partner.

2. Do you think you could get me off just by kissing and touching me? Want to try? 

Imagine showing someone hungry a plate of food and asking them if they want to eat. What kind of answer do you expect? Asking your partner this question will get them to jump on you immediately especially if they are horny.

3. What color of underwear am I wearing right now? 

The ladies usually do this to flirt with the mind of their men. A very mischievous one will send you this during work hours. Trying to figure out the color of her panties will make you want to get her to strip so you see it messes with your head and gets you to start yearning to be touched. It’s normal for your body to work with your mind.

5. When was the last time you touched yourself?

Masturbation is not a bad thing. Sometimes your partner may want you to touch yourself in front of them. Whenever your partner pops that question, they might have imagined it or fantasized about it in their head. It still gets one sexually aroused depending on the mood you are in.

6. Would you like to use vibrators on me?

Even if your partner is not around, you can send this question as a text and accompany it with a picture of the vibrator. It will make your partner imagine what that vibrator will be doing to your clit.

7. What’s your favorite sexual fantasy?

Everyone has a sexual fantasy that they have imagined in their head. Even if they were bored, questions like this should snap them out. In a bid to heat the bedroom, there should be no room for boredom questions. Asking your partners things about sex should eventually lead to turning them on or even having sex right there with you.

8. What would you like me to wear tonight?

This question usually comes from the ladies. Picture a situation where your partner is on his way from a long trip and you send this text to them. They will know that something will happen. All they will be craving for right there is to go home straight to you. He will start fantasizing about how sexy you will look in his favorite lingerie or nightwear. He will start imagining how red looks better on you. The thought will mess with his head. A question like that while on his way will make him run to your bed immediately he steps foot in the house.

9. Do you prefer if I shave, trim, or let it grow down there?

What! That’s some question right there. This one is going to make him get you laid the next minute because you are making him think about your Vijay. Some people prefer it trimmed to enable them to give perfect cunnilingus. Some others prefer it with a bit of hair. Your partner should be able to text you back as soon as possible so you will make yourself ready for them.

10. What does it feel like when you orgasm?

You may lack words to explain this. Not everyone can be able to form words to describe how an orgasm feels like because that shit is heaven. Orgasm comes with an intensity of the sex, vibration of the legs, and pleasure at its highest. Telling your partner how it feels will even make you start wanting more because when talking about orgasm, you talk with every part of your body just to express how you feel. Anyone who doesn’t know what it means to attain orgasm is really missing out on something big.

11. How much do you like oral sex?

Who does not like oral sex? Every man wants a blowjob, every lady wants cunnilingus. The warmth that comes with your mouth is another sensation of its own. You can even take oral sex to another level by pushing the temperature back and forth. Ice cream or ice block for cold sensation, hot choco for a warm feeling. Sometimes with just oral sex, you will achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. So while your partner is answering this, take note of their body language, it will show you how much they like it.

12. Do you prefer morning sex or night sex?

Some people like both. Just pay attention to whatever your partner wants. There is this narrative that the best sex happens early in the morning but to some people, every sex is good, whether morning, afternoon, or night. All they want is to cum. 

Partners need to ask each other these questions once in a while. Either during a truth or dare game or just a question and answer session. It helps you connect to your partner the more because you get-go know what they want. It also stimulates both of you sexually.