We have all been in a situation in which there’s nothing else to talk about and suddenly a very uncomfortable silence kidnaps the conversation. Well, fear not! Here you have some incredible icebreaker questions that will break the ice and help you have a smooth and fluid talk with anyone. But first…

What are Icebreaker questions?

Icebreaker questions are fun inquiries and pickup lines that are intended to warm up a relationship and make the other person react positively toward engagement, encouraging feedback and getting to know each other throughout the conversation. It usually starts as a superficial comment and slowly turns into a personal and deep interaction.

Let’s dive into some of them.

11 Superficial Icebreaker questions for adults

There are certain topics in which we cannot help but take sides. It’s normal. It’s part of who we are. In fact, it can be fun sometimes! Why not take advantage out of it? Ask the following questions and you’ll see people team up against other sides.

1. Are you team summer or winter?

Some will go on one side, some to the other and the rest will say it depends. See who’s with you or against you.

2. Are you team Hawaiian pizza or not?

Hawaiian pizza usually comes with Pineapple and it has a distinctive flavor. For some people, this could be a deal-breaker.

3. Team Iron Man or Captain America?

OMG! Some of the best public discussions there have been for a long time. Are you among friends or foes?

4. Would you rather be your favorite animal or have one as a pet?

Just say you like dragons or dinosaurs and it will blow everyone’s minds. Arguments could last for hours.

5. Do you prefer to spend your weekend at home or partying?

This will basically tell you who is outgoing or not. A good thing to make some friends who share your interests quickly.

6. Are you team soul mate or not?

Half apples and oranges may complete themselves with this question. Others think it may not be that simple.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight or not?

At some point in life, we all have felt our flying butterflies in our belly. There are two options, love or not love.

8. What’s your favorite house in Harry Potter/Game of Thrones/others?

Popular movies tend to have houses, gangs or whatever. Try asking people their favorite and you’ll see everyone discuss why it is better. In the end, Gryffindor and Stark will remain. πŸ˜‰

9. What do you like most, wine or beer?

Although Scotch is out of the question, some people are wine drinkers and others prefer to go for a beer.

10. Do you cheer for Apple or Microsoft?

Jobs vs. Gates, Mac vs. Microsoft, iPhone vs. Windows. This fight has many questions but everyone will finally take sides.

11. Do you like more sweet or savory flavors?

Although savories are great, sweets will take over. See who’s getting the most out of each flavor.

10 Icebreaker questions for adults about hypothetical cases

Have you ever stopped to think what would you do or how would you react if something happened? Well, these are perfect to engage in conversations. It is usually very funny to answer them with other person and compare your responses.

12. If you had to speak on a TED talk, what would be the subject?

TED Talks are really interesting, but speaking up in the scenario needs an expert. A good topic might be how to kill time on Fridays.

13. If you could skip one thing from your morning routine, what would it be?

Some people would say why to sleep at all? but others will probably go with more common things like taking a shower or having lunch packed and ready.

14. What’s your plan in case of a sudden apocalypse?

This is a killer conversation topic! People will discuss what they will do in different scenarios. Would you go for a bunker or would you take a boat and live in the sea?

15. If you could bring back a TV show that ended or was canceled, which would it be?

Some people will say “Friends,” others will mention Seinfeld, but why not Fraisier?! The guy was hilarious!

16. If everyone freezes for an entire day, what would you do?

Well, PJs is time for a ride! People will say some of the most OMG answers you will ever hear. You won’t even think most of them would be possible.

17. What would you do if you didn’t need to sleep?

Say goodbye to coffee and imagine a world in which you didn’t need to sleep. It would be awesome spending all night doing all kinds of things.

18. If you could live another person’s life for a day, who would you choose?

WARNING: This question may raise some mind-blowing answers. Some people go for their idols and others go for interesting characters.

19. If you had to change your name, which one would you like?

There are so many names out there that answering these questions will take some time and it will definitely be fun stuff!

20. If you suddenly were on a desert island and you could bring three things, what would they be?

A knife? A special straw? What about something to think of someone special while trying to survive? Wilson!

21. Let’s say you are on the road, rolling your favorite two-seat car and you see a bus stop in which there are three people. A person with a deadly wound, an old lady and your dream significant other. What would you do?

Tough question, right? Well, the boldest answers will give the car to the old lady so she can give it a ride to the dying person while you wait for the bus with your dream significant other.

ice breaker questions

10 Icebreaker questions for adults about favorites

Everyone has a favorite something. Getting to know the favorites of other people can be both personal and fun. Try asking some of the following questions and you can be certain you won’t stop laughing for a long time.

22. What’s your favorite word to pronounce?

WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

23. What’s your favorite sex position?

As long as it is not butter churner, everything should be ok.

24. What’s your favorite weird food combinations?

Doritos and Nutella, fries dipped in ice cream, cold pizza dipped in soda, banana chips with popcorn. There are so many options to choose from!

25. What’s your favorite emoji?

According to the developers of emojis, the poop emoji we all love is actually chocolate ice cream -yeah, right!

26. Who’s your favorite artist?

You could ask for the second one for more fun. Some people like very different artists, like Picasso and Lil Wayne.

27. What’s your favorite movie / TV show?


A: Please don’t say Keeping Up with the Kardashians, please don’t say Keeping Up with the Kardashians. πŸ™„
B: Keeping Up with the Kardashians πŸ˜…
A: Oh, God! Facepalm 😩

28. What’s your favorite song?

Just imagine you hear Stars Are Blind from Paris Hilton. Hilarious!

29. What’s your favorite room at home?

My mind retrieves my image sitting in the bathroom. What my mind says: My bedroom!

30. What’s your favorite holiday?

Those who say Christmas probably don’t have a family that fights every time they get together.

31. What’s your favorite cause?

Some really good answers would be ending hunger or war, but you will nail it if you go for doges and animals.

9 Icebreaker questions for adults about negative points of view

Get that grumpy old man you have inside. It cannot all be bed and roses. After all, a great part of us is in the things we do not like. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s good to get to know what are the things that the other person dislikes.

32. What’s the worst habit you have seen in someone?

There are some disgusting answers like nose picking and nail-biting, but some others will definitely surprise you.

33. What’s something that really grinds your gears?

This will show people’s true grumpy side. They may get triggered, so it could get real fun all of a sudden.

34. What’s the worst place you have ever been to?

This might lead to some awful stories or some interesting ones, going through Chernobil and poverty in Africa.

35. What’s the worst restaurant you have ever gone to?

Get to know some of the scams out there while having fun.

36. What’s something you hate but everybody loves?

Some people hate avocado, popcorn, and even chocolate. There are definitely likes and dislikes for every person.

37. What’s a song you hate?

This is not a simple overrated song or a piece that you just don’t like, it means a song people really hate.

38. Name an overrated celebrity

Wow, there are so many overrated celebrities out there it’s hard to choose, but that would begin a really fun conversation.

39. What’s a movie or book gender you don’t stand?

Some people just don’t like certain genders, like drama or horror. This would be a good starting point to move on with the conversation.

40. Who would be the worst person to get stuck in an elevator?

Maybe it is that grumpy neighbor who is always complaining about everything or maybe someone really popular. Who knows?

Funny Icebreaker Questions

10 Icebreaker questions for adults about fun facts

You have got to be careful with these icebreaker questions. If you try to use them with people you haven’t engaged yet, it can be awkward and end up being worse. So, use them once you have talked to the person for a while and you can get some fun.

41. Did you know the Pentagon has twice as many sinks as hired people?

Even though this question is not very useful alone, you can ask people their opinion on the subject and make them feel intelligent.

42. Did you know ostriches don’t bury their heads on the ground, but they place their ears against the floor?

Cartoons usually present a misrepresentation of ostriches when burying their heads underground.

43. Did you know the Big Mac has over 70 ingredients?

Yeap! The hamburger that holds one of the best-kept secret recipes in the world has more ingredients than you would imagine. Ask people what they think about it.

44. Did you know we are born with 300 bones but they turn into 200 as we age?

Everybody gets surprised when they hear this incredible fact, it turns out that bones join and create a single bone as we get older.

45. Did you know the Eiffel tower was meant to be built in Barcelona first?

Imagine visiting the most visited monument in the world in a place different than France. Would things be any different?

46. Have you ever seen someone hum while the nose?

It turns out that it is literally impossible to do this. Did you try it already? Tell other people and break the ice in no time.

47. Have you ever seen a pig lie on their backs?

Nope. Because they can’t. They cannot even look up to the sky. Interesting, right?

48. Have you ever seen an elephant jump?

Another fun fact. The cow elephant is the only animal in this world physically unable to jump.

49. Have you ever seen anyone kiss their elbows?

Did you try to do it? Well, you won’t be able to. Regular people cannot reach their elbows with their mouths.

50. Have you ever seen someone sneeze with their eyes wide open?

Well, there are some people but it’s as terrible as watching a horror movie. Regular people won’t be able to keep their eyes open -even if they want to.

10 Personal icebreaker questions for adults

These personal questions are pretty awesome to start getting closer to the other person. They are not exactly deep, but they will make the other person talk about commitments and things that may be difficult to talk with a stranger.

51. So, what would you say is your superpower? 😏

This question is awesome because it is both a deal-breaker and a compliment. Besides, people can tell you exactly what they are good at and you can get to know them better.

52. What’s your silliest fear you have?

Whether it is clowns, balloons, the boogie man or cracking knuckles, we all have something silly we fear. Ask this question and get to know the other person.

53. What’s on your bucket list?

Some people will say color running, others will say snorkeling in Los Roques or maybe finish a Rubik’s cube.

54. What do you like doing in your free time?

This will tell you more about their interests and hobbies. Maybe the person is into sports. Maybe movies. Who knows?

55. What’s the last thing you usually do before going to bed?

Most people have a bedtime routine and some of them can be pretty funny. You can either ask or figure it out.

56. What’s your favorite day of the week?

TGIF? Maybe it’s throwback Thursday. You won’t know until you ask and get a response.

57. What makes you laugh?

Although this could be kind of dull, the truth is most people remember the good times and get happier when they recall something that makes them laugh. Try it out!

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58. What controversial or politically incorrect opinion do you have?

Let’s be honest. Every person has thought of something that is controversial or politically incorrect and it’s kind of normal. If you ask, you can at least laugh about it instead of arguing over it.

59. What’s your useless talent? πŸ˜„

Useless talents are hilarious. Some people can twirl a pen, others can whistle with their fingers, what about the person next to you?

60. What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Everyone laughs at guilty pleasures. Some people still watch cartoons with their kids and others spend all their income on beauty products. This is definitely a good one.

Icebreaker questions for adults

10 Icebreaker questions for adults about the past

Once you get closer to questions that will make the other person feel they are talking to a friend. You can go to the past. Even though some of these icebreaker questions are not exactly deep, they will free the path to go into deeper questions.

61. What food could you eat tirelessly for the rest of your days?

Pizza! Chinese! No, no, no. Burgers! No, wait! Oh, darn it! There are so many options out there.

62. What was your guilty pleasure song as a teenager?

Something like listening to the song Come clean by Hilary Duff could show up. Just saying.

63. What did you want to be as a child?

A mad scientist? An astronaut? What about a doctor? This is so fun to ask! And the best part is you’ll get to know better the person.

64. What was your favorite story as a kid?

We all had a favorite story. Some people liked Disney stories, but others will come up with more elaborated responses like The Little Prince.

65. What’s the best gift you have ever received?

This is very emotional and you can see a little glow on the face of people when they answer this question.

66. What’s the best restaurant you have ever been to?

The person doesn’t necessarily have to mention a 3-Michelin-Star restaurant. It’s something to get to know what kind of food they like.

67. What’s the best place you have ever visited?

This will give you an idea of that person’s perfect vacations. Some prefer the beach, some others would rather go to the mountains, while some prefer to experience monuments.

68. What’s the weirdest dream you have ever had?

If you have ever had one of those psychedelic dreams you can’t forget that easily, you get it.

69. What smell brings back good memories?

The smell is a sense that remains and gets stuck in our memory. Bringing back good memories for the other person can be nice.

70. Who was your crush as a kid?

OMG! This is a little embarrassing and yet so fun to talk about. Get to know the other person and prepare to go into deep questions.

10 Deep Icebreaker questions for adults

We have arrived at the deep questions. Remember these questions are difficult for most people if there has not been enough ground of interaction and confidence first. Once you get to an acceptable point, you can start asking these questions.

71. What’s something that really matters to you?

That’s right! Starting with everything you have got. This question doesn’t have to be as serious as you think, but it can give you a peek or idea of the important things for this person.

72. What’s something you had to give up to succeed?

Now, this is deep! Here you will be talking about sacrifice and commitment.

73. What’s your greatest ambition?

Get to know the goals this person has in life and share yours and what you think.

74. Which is the best advice you have ever received?

The idea behind this question is not the advice per se, but the person who gave it. S/he will be important.

75. Have you ever said repeatedly you would do something and you still haven’t?

Not all deep questions have to be that serious. You can say something to make the conversation lighter and laugh a little, like fixing the old step that squeaks in your stairs.

76. Have you ever done something you now regret?

This can either come up really good or really bad. Think about it before throwing the question.

77. What’s something that excites you?

To soften the conversation, you can ask something deep but not necessarily difficult to answer. This is positive. You will laugh.

78. What’s something you value in another person?

Getting close? Well, this is perfect to get to know what the other person is looking for in a significant other.

79. What’s something you truly fear?

Now, here you are not talking about something ridiculous like the boogie man, but something serious and tangible.

80. Is there anyone significant for you?

If you are interested in the other person, this question can be a good move. Otherwise, you should wait until you get to know each other better.

Icebreakers are a great way to make friends and even get to know a date. Ask some of the questions above following some of the instructions in the text and you will go from awkward silence to a great conversation in no time!

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