No doubt, everyone likes pleasing his or her partner in bed in every possible way. Yes! Being a good player in the bedroom is a dream worth being pursued by almost everyone one and I am sure you can’t be an exception.

The truth is that if you don’t have exciting bedroom ideas that can heat your bedroom game, your sex life may be boring just as it will be like a race to the finish line each time you engage your partner in banging. Unique foreplay is really necessary if you want to experience such erotic stimulation that proceeds to thrusting and wanking. 

Are you tired of that routine foreplay you use to have with your partner?  Worry not! I am going to reveal some unique foreplay that will make you and your partner groan and moan even before the main thrusting. 

If you have been looking for that Unique foreplay that can set your sexy time on fire, you are not wrong nor alone. It is a normal thing to look for those that can always make your sexual engagement a memorable one. Here is unique foreplay you would not want to miss in your bedroom. They will make you and your partner go crazy.

1. Massaging

While on the bed, how do you make your partner who, probably, had a stressful day feel relaxed? Massaging is one of the unique foreplay that heals stress while creating an intimate moment required to get the body and mind ready for sex. It sets a soothing atmosphere for bleeping.

When massaging, try to reach out to the ergo ones like the thigh, the breast, nipples. Touch them gently and slowly while you talk those dirty words into your partner’s ear. These can make your partner squirm while buzzing out the burning pleasure within.

2. Talk dirty

Talking dirt is a simple trick that increases sexual arousal.  It can make your “monkey” or your clitoris jerk up and be ready for action.

Being vocal about what you would want to do to your partner can create an erotic feeling within both of you as it helps you to express and fantasize about what you actually want on the bed and how it can be done. Such erotic talks like: ” I can’t wait to fuck you harder, I wanna lick it right now”, can spark the feeling that will make either of you jump off the seat, pull off your clothes, slump on the bed, and begin banging.

Talking dirty to your partner should be a mastered skill learned from knowing what turns your partner on. When you talk dirty, it boosts your morale and creates chances for further sexual advances.

3. Lick her clitoris while she sucks your rod

 If you have not tried this kind of unique foreplay, you are missing a lot! It unleashes the power pack of sexual pleasure. It makes you and your partner moan and groan as if the penis has already struck the G_spot. 

Licking and sucking the clitoris and penis respectively is not something to do with force. You should be careful not to damage the sensitive tissue of the vagina and penis. If you must bite, it Should be little and gentle.

After stripping, give a gentle massage, caress the buttock, like opposite with your partner, lick her clitoris with the tips of the tongue while she sucks and rubs your dick slightly. Be careful not to tear things apart as this kind of unique foreplay can make your partner be squirming and buzzing

4. Expose those Privy under your clothing

You can imagine meeting your partner almost naked on the bed. The sexual sensation it gives heats up the sexual desire in you. 

Exposing your privy is a unique Foreplay that calls your partner’s attention to sex without necessarily talking about it. Your nudes can spice up your bedroom relationship. It creates a feeling that triggers sexual moves. Even if your partner has no interest at the moment, exposing your privy can turn everything around for your good.

5.Feed Your Partner

Do you know that a sexy picnic can be set up in the bedroom? So wired? Feeding your partner in the bedroom with fruits and chocolate is so exciting and interesting. Just buy some fruits, set up sexy music in the bedroom, get stripped off, and begin to feed your partner either with your hand or with your mouth coupled with hot kisses while both of you listen to the tuned music together.

6. Make Use of Sensitive Points

Don’t forget the sensitive part like neck, ear, nipple, tight while seducing your partner. Explore those not_too obvious areas. Carass them, nibble around the ear while whispering the dirty talks into it. 

These will not only turn your partner on but will also prove that you are ready for thrusting. It boosts bedroom confidence!

7. Make Use Your Hand

Your bedroom Foreplay can’t be unique If your hands are not really at work. You can do magic before sex, during sex, and after sex. Make use of it if you want to float on sexual pleasure. 

To turn your loved one on, use your hand, grab your partner close to you, caress the back, buttock, and gently move to your partner’s downstairs. Touch it gently while reading the feeling from the face

8. Give Your partner full access to your body

Hold on, why not allow your partner to access all places? Why not offer those Privy areas even when it is not demanded? Allowing your partner to have full access to your body shows you are all for him or her. While massaging or caressing you, no place should be restricted. Allow your partner to be in charge. This, in no small way, boosts sexual confidence and trust. It increases the sexual intimacy and makes a bedroom game a lasting one.

Bedroom foreplay is as important as sex. Despite making you and your partner’s body ready for sex,  it makes your relationship strong and enjoyable. There several unique foreplay you can try with your partner to spice things up in the bedroom.  Before engaging your partner in sexual intercourse, turn on him or her on foreplay.