Every relationship has its ups and downs, that does not mean you are not in a good relationship. There is no secret ingredient that makes a good relationship, but a lot of little things. It takes effort as well as time to make a relationship work. All you need to do is stay committed and trust each other. But that is not the only thing. There are a million things in a relationship that makes it a good one.

But since we can’t possibly cover all of them, here are the top ones that make a good relationship:

1. Trust

Trust couple

You can’t have a relationship without trust. That is the foundation of every good relationship. If the foundation of your relationship is built with trust and love, you will surpass any obstacle. But sometimes, that trust can crumble and lead you to do things that might harm the relationship. Reading your partner’s text messages or stalking their social media profile is something you should stay far away from. That will cause the trust to break, and once that is gone, your relationship will crumble.

Trust is the most important thing in a good relationship, and should never be taken granted. Couples should always try new ways to build trust in their relationship.

2. Communication is Very Important for a Healthy Relationship

Communication is Very Important for a Healthy Relationship

A good relationship is the one with open and honest communication. Communication is key to a successful relationship. However, that is the one thing that has been dying down.

  • When is the last time you and your partner decided to put down your phones while having dinner and had a good long conversation?
  • When was the last time you said “I love you” to your partner?

These are the things that can cause a rift between you two. Some couples are good with communication, while others like to sweep their problems under the rug. If you want to grow your relationship and make it a good one, you need to have honest communication.

3. Quality Time

A good relationship is the one where couples spend quality time together. With the fast-paced life we live, it could get really hard to spend some time relaxing and doing fun things together. With job, responsibilities, and other obligations, it could get really hard to spend an evening just enjoying each other’s company.

Spending time together helps build the relationship stronger. There are a number of things you can do – play board games, watch a movie while cuddled under a blanket, or just discuss your day.

4. Fights and Battles

relationship fights

Sticks and stones may not break your bones, but fights and battles can break your couple. No couple is perfect. There are fights in every relationship. It is how you handle yourself during the fight that makes a difference. Don’t let your house turn into a battleground.

Don’t say any harsh words during an argument and try to calm yourself down. Tell yourself that this is a rough patch and you will get through it. Resolve the fight like adults. Admit your mistake if you are wrong, kiss, and makeup.

5. Show Appreciation

It is always nice to let your partner know that you love and appreciate them. They must know it, but it is good to keep reminding them. This is one of the things that show you are involved in a healthy, loving, and good relationship. ( feel free to check out this post for more tips about how to have a healthy relationship )

Appreciation could be shown in any way – maybe surprise him with date night, or bring her a flower on your way back from work. These little gestures increase Love.

6. Love and Acceptance

Love and Acceptance

You love all the positive sides of your partner – like the fact she can’t keep her eyes off you, or like the way he holds your hand when you are walking in the park – but don’t attack the negative parts either. Understand that no one is perfect and that they can make mistakes. Maybe she chews too loudly, or maybe he smokes every now and then. Instead of picking a fight and focusing on the negatives, try to be understanding and accept their flaws. Showing love and acceptance is the key to a great relationship.

7. Respect Each Other

If there is one thing without which a relationship will fail, it is respect. Respect is necessary for every good relationship. There are a lot of things that come under the heading of respect. Respecting your partner’s trust, character, heart, and time are just a few of those.

If you are trying to build a good and steady relationship, there are a few things that you should avoid like threatening to break up, talking behind your partner’s life, discussing personal details about your relationship to a third party, name calling or being rude, or being disrespectful to their family or friends.

8. Intimacy

Intimacy is not just sex, but also words of love and spending time with each other. But yes, sex is also a very important part of the equation. Spicing up the intimacy will keep the spark of the relationship alive. You will feel more connected to one another and closer as a couple. Intimacy is important for any good relationship.

9. Vacations and Holidays

Work and responsibilities can be very hectic and can have a toll on your relationship. It is important that you prioritize each other and take a vacation now and again. That will help you relax and spend time together without any distractions.

These are just some of the things that make a good and healthy relationship. These things will help make your relationship stronger. And it is the strong relationships that survive. Until next time, guys. Cheers!