Nothing puts a damper on a first date than blurting out something stupid. Have very strong feelings about your cat? Still carrying a torch for your ex-wife? #DateKiller!
If you want to have a second date, you should keep that information a mystery.

First dates need to be exciting and fun, so it is better to keep a tab on your words… you don’t want to scare your date away!
To know what to do on a first date, you should first know what NOT to do 😉

Here are a few things you must not say on a first date:

Boondate dating

Don’t Talk About Politics

Politics may be a good topic for your family debates, but when you bring it up on a first date, it is a huge turn-off.

There are plenty of other topics you can use to break the ice, stay away from that hot-zone. You don’t want an explosion in the restaurant.

No Talking About Your Ex

“Hey, you know my ex used to wear the same perfume!”

That’s a deal breaker. If you mention your ex too much, you are not over them. And talking about them constantly is just making things worse by the second.

Leave your ex out of the conversation.

Keep your phone in your pocket


The last thing you want to do on a first date would be playing with your phone. Not only it doesn’t look or feel good when you have someone as a date more focused on the smartphone than you.
But it could also easily put you in uncomfortable situations. Like, what if your ex decides to call you at that exact moment and when your phone is on the table next to your date? I think you wouldn’t want that to happen, right? 🙂 So the simple solution, your phone stays on silence mode, in the pocket.

No Cyber Stalking, Ever

“Hey, I really liked the post you shared on your Facebook page 2 weeks ago.” #StalkerAlert!

It is common knowledge that people cyber-stalk their dates before going out with them, but the first date is not the time to showcase your cyber-stalking abilities. #MysteryOverHistory.

Don’t Talk About Your Parents

I just recently moved out of my parents’ house.” Too much information!

I would love to introduce you to my parents.” Just after one date, really?

Don’t talk about your parents on the first date. Your date wants to get to know you, not your parents.

Say No to Money Talk

“So, yeah I heard that firm is good, how much are they paying you?”

Yeah, that’s not a first date conversation. It makes you sound desperate and a “gold digger.” Asking about their salaries is just rude.

The only money-related topic you are allowed to discuss is the paycheck, which you should ideally pitch in for

Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself

Its not all about youYou are there to have a nice meal and conversation, not to list your accomplishments. A conversation is a two way street, and not all about “me, myself, and I.”

Getting to know the other person is what the first date is about. If you can’t quit talking about yourself, how will the other person get a word in?

Avoid Marriage Talk

“You know, by this time next year, I want to be married”

You just met them, buddy. It is way too soon to plan your wedding. Don’t scare off your date with all the marriage talk. The first date is about knowing if you are compatible, not planning how many kids you are going to have.

Take it slow and see how it goes before you can bring up marriage.

So there you have it, folks! If you stay away from these topics on the first date, you will surely get a second one. Good luck! - Dating site