If you ever wonder, “Should I text him first?” My answer is, of course, you should! But, let us go through with this article first. It’s may help you to get a better idea of what to text a guy you like. I will share more information on what you should and what you shouldn’t when you’re texting with him.

Nowadays, the text message has become extremely common for men and women to communicate with each other when flirting. Because, it’s a convenient, fast, and reliable way to stay in touch.

However, if you fail to manage how you texting with the guy you like, it can cause serious damage to your new developing relationship.

Anyone who’s ever dated knows how confusing and frustrating working out on what to text a guy can be. Is that right?

Text communication can be easily misrepresented. Because when we communicate verbally, we rely a lot on nonverbal signals such as facial expression and body language. And this is not happening in texting, so it’s could be a high possibility that your text will be misrepresented.


Most women find it challenging especially when they start flirting with someone they like.

But if we look at the positive side, text messaging also can be very helpful. For starters, you can take your time to say the perfect thing. And the barrier itself can allow you to be more open than you would in person.

By sending up a flirty text message to someone you like, you basically send a few signals:

  • You let them know that they’re on your mind.
  • To open up the conversation.
  • To keep him interested with you

The only things that playing around in your mind right now are, what is the “right” text message? and which type of text message that you should “avoid“?

To win your man’s heart, you need to know that there are certain texts that can instantly trigger a man’s curiosity, hero instinct, interest, and desire. On the other hand, there’s also a text that is a total turn-off and you’ll never hear back from him again.

A Text Message Is The New Language Of LOVE

If you think carefully, a text message is like a love letter back in Casanova’s day. The only difference is you can receive a response faster, wherever you are. As long as your phone has the signal.

You can express your love through text messages.

It also means that you can be hurt just from a simple text message.

How is your feeling when you texted a guy that you really liked and got a cold, distant response? It’s hurt, right?

And how about if you never got a reply at all? You must feel like you want to smash your phone like urghh! Why he didn’t care to respond to my text?!


Because of this type of experience, women spend a lot of time thinking about whether they should send a text or not?

You may write and delete, write and delete again because you’re not sure what should you text him?

Or you may also start thinking whether you’re needy, clingy or desperate?

And after you hit the send button, you basically will face another situation. We called it “waiting holiday”, welcome on board!

At this time, you’ll start checking your phone every two minutes. And you feel like 1 minute has become longer, 1 hour feels like a day! But you just keep waiting with hope…

Why isn’t he responding? He should’ve read my text by now…

Sound familiar?

It’s only one freaking text message, why it’s so hard? Well, there are multiple reasons why this situation happen. Keep reading.

R.U.L.E.S That Every Woman Must Know In Texting

According to Amy North, a creator of the Devotion System and Text Chemistry program. There are five important text message rules that ladies need to follow before you hit the send button. For me, this simple technique is gold. It’s so easy, yet women tend to ignore it.

Rule #1 Re-read your message

When you want to text someone you like, you may be nervous and just don’t even care about the end result. You just want to push yourself to hit the send button. My advice is don’t!

Take your time, read your text message a few more times before you hit the send button.

Rule #2 Use visual language

Men are the visual creature, they can’t translate a hidden meaning in your text message. They respond best to a visual language that gets their imagination running!

As an example:

Instead of…

“I really miss you”

You can change it to…

“I really want to kiss you right now”

This is how you can get your man’s imagination running. The same message sends with a different word. I will explain more about the flirty text example below.

Rule #3 Leave him wanting more

Don’t bombard him with the text’s message. As much as you want to get your man’s imagination running, don’t overdo it.

If you blow up your man’s phone with a pointless message, he may run from you. It’s the same concept of business. Don’t chase him, let him come to you and chase you.

Rule #4 Excite him! (No boring messages)

Don’t turn him off with a boring text message. As an example, “Hi” or “What’s up?”. By far, this is the laziest option when it comes to texting. And you know what, men hate this type of message. I’m telling you from my own experiences.

When I received this type of text message, I tend to reply shorter.

If she text..


I will just reply…


For me, why bother to send me a text message if you’re not interested in texting with me. No offense, but this is what I’m thinking at that time.

If you really want to text him, you should give him a reason to respond. Here another example:

“Hi dear. Been thinking of you all morning… What you’re planning today?”

In this example, you’re actually:

  1. Lets him know that you’re thinking about him
  2. Give him something to respond to

The entire point of texting is to engage in conversation.

Rule #5 Stay positive

The last rule is important for you to keep going. If you want to win a man’s heart, you need to stay calm and never send him anything negative and depressing.


Don’t Send This Type Of Text To A Guy You Like

Here are a few types of text that you should never send to a guy you like.

This is a silent killer to your future partner. The worse part is, most women didn’t know that this is the reason why he’s not interested in you.

Terrible text #1 Never ever text just ‘Hi!’

I’ve already talked about this at Rules no. 4, don’t text him with something like “Hi”, “Hey”, and “What’s up?”

If you’re interested in someone, show some effort.

This is not how you can tackle his emotions. There are so many more creative ways to get his attention.

Terrible text #2 Too many questions asked

It’s good to ask him a question to keep the conversation running. But don’t go overboard.

You may ask him a question about his job, his family, his hobbies and etc. It shows your interest to know him better. And most of the guys love to respond to that kind of question.

Just don’t overdo it. Don’t ask him something like, what are you doing this afternoon? What you’re planning in the evening? What you usually do at night? And you keep repeating the same question like every day.

It’s not healthy, and kind of annoying. He doesn’t need to update everything to you.

And if he doesn’t willingly tell you what he’s doing, then it’s probably because he doesn’t feel it’s worth sharing. That it.

Terrible text #3 Show him you have a life

It’s good to share your activity with him sometimes.

But don’t fill his inbox with your every waking move. No need to tell him where you had your morning breakfast, what time you feeding your cat, and etc.

He doesn’t care, nor does he want to know. But it still depends on your current relationship level.

Your objective for the early stage of dating is don’t make him lose interest in you.

Flirty Text Message Example That Can Make Him Obsess Over You

Texting is totally different games compare to when you talk to him in person or through the phone. You really need to say things a little bit different.

A simple text message that can ignite any guy’s visual mind. Remember rules #2? Use visual language. Guy response bests to visual language to keep his imagination running.

By using this method, you can stir up his lust and desire, even if you’re miles apart from each other.

Flirty text #1 The “Comical Text”

The comical text is a light-hearted, humorous text to make the guy you like laughing. Make him smile and keep him interested.

Laughter is one of the easiest ways to go into a man’s heart. And men love women who can make him laugh. Be that woman.

Here I found a great article from Dan Scotti: How To Keep Him Interested In You Forever.

But be careful, as usual, my advice is don’t go overboard. Don’t push yourself to be funny.

Don’t turn everything into a joke.

And don’t add “LOL” or “haha” in every text message.

Flirty text #2 The “Question and Arouse” text

This is when you want to get to know your guy a little better.

Did you know that you women have a superpower to ruin a men imagination?

Yes? So use that power!

As an example, instead of sending dull questions, like:

“What are you up to?” or

“How was your day?”

You can try something more interesting, like:

“What are you wearing right now?” or

“What do you want me to do to you later?”

This type of message really turns up the heat and arouse his imagination! It looks like you’re seducing him in a very subtle way.

Ladies, please do this to someone you love only. Don’t make this world crumble because of your text message.

Flirty text #3 The “Life Lover” text

This text expresses your confidence and love for life. The rule of thumb for this type of text is to keep your message positive with the passion for life.

Maybe you can tell him about your wonderful day that you’re having. Or share with him about the praise you got from your boss.

The concept is almost the same as the law of attraction. Positive emotion and positive energy will attract more positive energy and positive emotion.

When you told him about this, it’s okay to be bold and brave. It shows your charisma. And that guy will be like “wow”. I want to date this woman (let’s hope so).

Flirty text #4 The “Nude Illusion”

This technique is simple, powerful but quite dangerous. You may want to use these techniques after some times knowing him.

With a few harmless words describing an image of your sexy, naked body can excite your man’s mind.

By using this technique, you’re tapping deep into his dirty imagination. Making him unable to focus on anything but the thoughts of your sexy body.

As an example, you can send a visual text like this:

“I’m going to take a long, hot shower.”

“Guess who’s not wearing any panties? ;-)”

“Gotta go, I have to go buy a new set of bikini”

Reminder: Don’t send any nudes selfies. Even if he begs!

Flirty text #5 The “Tickle His Sense”

Guys fear rejection. So it is important for you to show him that you’re interested in a subtle way.

In my own opinion, don’t play ‘hard to get’ with the man you like. I got a lot of responses from men that they don’t like women who play hard to get. Except for the sex.

You should just flirt with him, laugh a lot and throw a compliment to him. Make him feels good when he’s with you. If you do this correctly, he’ll crave being around you.

I hope all these tips can give you a better understanding of what to text a guy you like. With these few simple techniques, you can get his attention and put you in his thoughts every time he touches his phone.

These techniques also work great if you’re already in a relationship. Because, in order to keep your relationship strong and healthy, you need to keep polished the relationship. Interest can disappear in seconds if you don’t keep sending the right things to push your man’s button.

How To Be More Expert In Texting?

If you are interested to access a dozen additional text message templates that will ignite man’s attention, you may need to check the Text Chemistry guide from Amy North. This program can help you in capturing men’s full attention based on their “psychological triggerss” which is called the Attention Hook.

This technique will tap in directly to your man’s focus and make him think about you. As a result, it will create excitement and a desperate feeling of love. I write a full review of this program, please check it out: Text chemistry review.

That’s all from me. Now it’s time to reach your phone and start igniting your man’s desire with a flirty texts technique you’ve just discovered.

And don’t forget to share your own experiences in the comment section below.

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