Tonight’s the Night

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Hello guys!
I just went out and tried to show the world what I can be, a happy, funny guy who likes having a good time and a laugh.
Well first of all one of my friends was making fun of me and my other friend(in Jest of course) about how poor we are at approaching women(maybe a sign of fate, a sign to tell me to go for it and find out what my real chances are),
Anyway first place we went a group of girls were out, although drunk one of them I really fancied(although I couldn’t approach her as nerves kicked in), anyway one of the group started dancing and rubbing herself on me(despite not looking at me), one of my mates told me to get in there and take my chance, although I think she never saw what I looked like, my mate said she must have done it for a reason, anyway this girl knocked into me about 4 times before going elsewhere.
Later on, a bigger girl(quite obese) approached me later on asking me to dance, she must have been mid 30’s-40, but I was pleased to her and made my excuses as there was no attraction.
Anyway the girls I fancied I tried to make eye contact with to see their reactions, most just glanced, although they didn’t look too horrified they still smiled(with their heads down) and looked away after a couple of seconds, and if I see girls looking at me(even if I wasn’t attracted to them), instead of being nervous I looked back and smiled to see their reactions, which were the same they pretty much looked away.
I’m confused now to what to do next, should I bother approaching and talking to some of these women I’m attracted to next time? How do I confront my phobias and what can I say that’s suitable to a woman I like without putting my foot in it.
And also what positive body language should I look for to be sure they like me first just to be sure I don’t make a huge embarrassment of myself and waste my time by plucking up the courage to go over there only to be put down and end up with even less confidence than I started.

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