Terms of Use - "Boondate"

1. By using this site, Boondate (below "Company") allows users (below "Participant") to personal information and content on the site (below "Personal Profile Page") within the site www.boondate.com.

2. Society can not check, and will not check the information and content for publication on the surfer's page. The company can not verify the willingness or the accuracy of such information and content and has no ability to verify copyright ownership of information and content.

3. Participant represent and warrant that the information and content that are typed on his user page are in accordance with any law, including the lack of defamation or libel or copyright infringement and / or infringement of privacy and / or an order prohibiting post.

4. Participant hereby undertakes responsibility in relation to information and content that were raised by him on the surfer and the denial of responsibility for the company. The participant undertakes to indemnify the Company against all claims and / or demand and / or damage and / or loss incurred as a result of compliance with the provisions and terms of use or breach of law and / or require any third party and / or misleading advertising, which includes legal expenses. Indemnity to be paid as soon as the company's first demand without detracting from any other relief which is a company by law.

5. Participant to take action to providing information and content user hereby expressly declares that has full intellectual property rights in content, and actually allow uploading information and content for advertising Boondate, online and in print, using the information and content, including publication and / or removing them from Boondate and / or publication in any other media related directly or indirectly to the company.

6. The Company may, in its sole discretion, to refuse uploading release of information and content provided and uploaded onto the page is managed by the user who the participants for any reason. The Company may also delete such information and content, even if they were published in the past, and without any prior notice and without any reservation. Without derogating from the above in this section, is clarified that the company will delete such information and content, in part, because they violate the rules of the regulations, the provisions of the law or infringe the rights of a third party.

7. All user services operated through the company site rather than sending response and / or information will protect consent practices, terms and conditions of these terms and conditions on this site are an integral part of this agreement.

8. For clarity below an exhaustive list of prohibited publications page which has a surfer bringing it to violate the terms of participation in the agreement:

• All Content that is offensive or violates proprietary rights of others - including copyrights or trademarks.
• All pornographic or crude sexual nature.
• All content and information relating to minors as opposed to trial by the identification (name of minor prohibitions on posting the most common: When is attributed to a minor offense or a family member of a crime attributed to him; identifying a minor is a defendant, a victim of the offense or until the criminal case; a minor or attempted suicide; discovery that the minor was brought to Court Youth Law; identification effort, adopted or parent; nude image of a minor can be identified).
• All information and content that constitute defamation of a person or damaging private.
• All information and content publication of which were forbidden by law.
• Any use that could cause damage or harm to Internet users and the site.
• commercial information and advertisements of any kind.

9. Participant represent and warrant that such information sent to the participant site publication database system (such as articles), they are in accordance with any law, including the lack of defamation or libel or copyright infringement and / or infringement of privacy and / or Prohibition post.

10.You agree not to modify, rent, loan, sell, distribute or create works based in whole or part on our services or software available.
The trademarks, logos and service marks appearing on this site are the property of their authors and / or team Boondate appropriate. It is forbidden to use these elements

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